Mar 272014

Schwinn CycleNav Or How To Get GPS Navigation On Your Bike
Built by the icon bike manufacturer Schwinn, the CycleNav was conceived to improve your next bike ride by bringing GPS navigation (and much more) to the experience!

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The Schwinn CycleNav relies on your smartphone’s GPS to find the best route, calculate distances and turns, and the information is transferred via dedicated Android and iOs apps using low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Basically, the CycleNav allows you to navigate via light signals and voice commands (which helps you keep your eyes on the road … where they should be anyway!), while being able to track traveled distances, ride length, speed, burned calories and so on … The device also sports a built-in headlight with a battery life of around 10 hours of continuous usage to help you light your way during night rides.

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Dec 182013

Bike Backwards Ride At 80kmh - Eskil Ronningsbakken At Trollstigen
Eskil has spent his entire life living on the edge creating art that makes a difference. The goal is not just to leave an imprint on mind. The goal is to move boundaries, inspire and show humans all over the world that anything is possible.

The above paragraph is taken from the About page on Eskil Ronningsbakken‘s website. Simply said, Eskil is an amazing guy who does amazing stuff! It’s as simple as it gets … So watch him ride his bike on the Trollstigen (serpentine mountain road in Rauma Municipality, Møre og Romsdal county, Norway [source: Wikipedia]) backwards! Yeap, that’s right – backwards! The ride’s ranging speed was around 35-40 km/h with tops at 80km/h on the fastest lines!- also check this Amazing Motorcycle Stunts we found a while back.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments …
As for me, this clip became synonym to courage, balance and impressive …!


Dec 172013

Star Trek Command Cycle Jersey
The Star Trek Command Cycle Jersey is a cool way to show what’s your favorite series – also check the Superhero Muscle T-Shirts by Under Armour and the Iron Man Cycling Costume we featured earlier.
The bicycling t-shirt is officially-licensed Star Trek merchandise and features command gold patter on the sleeves – so people around know who’s the Boss!!! Made of 100% polyester the Cycle Jersey incorporates Air-pass pro moisture wicking technology, UV protection, a hidden full-length YKK zipper and 3 reinforced pockets to carry your gear while riding around the city!

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Dec 122013

Bike Armband Rearview Mirror By RearViz title=

The RearViz Bike Armband Rearview Mirror is a cool safety addition to your biking gear – also check the Invisible Bicycle Helmet, the Messaging Backpack and the Orange LED Turn Signal Bike Gloves – all designed to improve biker safety!

The armband features a collapsible convex mirror which will allow you to see what’s behind you while still keeping your eye on the road forward! The mirror is adjustable to almost any position (the armband can be moved up and down, turned inside or outside the arm and the mirror itself rotates around it’s axe) to assure the perfect viewing angle and an ergonomic riding position.

The RearViz Bike Mirror Armband is available in a range of vibrant colors including black, blue, green, orange and purple, comes with two armband sizes (short and long) and features interchangeable discs (no need to change the entire armband if you’re bored and you feel like upgrading to a different disc color).

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Nov 132013

Transform Your Old Bicycle Into An Electric Commuter Bike With This Smart Wheel

Electric bikes become more and more popular every day. And for good reason – they’re cheap to maintain, cheap on energy consumption, do not require much parking space and have a reasonable transport speed for daily commuting. Also check these cool electric scooters we featured earlier: Voltitude Foldable Electric Scooter and the Moveo.

There are two ways to get into the electric bike commuting bandwagon – the first is the classical way: buy an electric bike (dah!!!). The second option is to upgrade your existing bike and equip it with electric propulsion. Just as the Rubbee Electrical Wheel Drive, the FlyKly Smart Wheel is designed to upgrade your existing bike and improve your riding experience by reducing the physical legwork to ride your bike!

Simply remove your bicycle’s back wheel, mount the FlyKly Smart Wheel in it’s place and you’re ready to ride. The smart wheel is compatible with most bikes out-there and can be controlled and monitored via a free smartphone app (iOS, Android and Pebble compatible). Here’s how the guys from FlyKly describe their propulsion system:

Smart Wheel is a pedal assist which means it helps you ride your bike effortlessly. The motor turns on when you start pedaling and begins accelerating to your desired speed. It stops when you stop. It saves you time by getting you to your destination faster and gets you there without losing your breath or breaking a sweat. There’s no need to worry about what to wear to that business meeting or 8 o’clock date.”

The FlyKly is in project mode at Kickstarter and you can procure one for the introductory price of $590.

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Nov 082013

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet That Waits Hidden To Save Your Life

Based on the same technology as the motorcycle air-bags (check the Airbag Jacket and the Street Racing Spidi Motorcycle Airbag), the Hovding Airbag Bicycle Helmet is designed to stay hidden and offer a low profile impact protection that activates only in case of an accident – also check the storage friendly Folding Bicycle Helmet.

The airbag helmet has an ON/OFF switch that assures against accidental deployment. Simply place the airbag around your neck, clip the button to activate the helmet and you’re ready to go. The airbag sports intelligent sensors and will deploy only in case of an accident (check the 3 minutes clip above to see exactly how it works).

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Nov 082013

Handmade In US - E-Flyer Electric Bike By Icon

Icon, the California based handmade vehicle manufacturer, just released their latest product – the Icon E-Flyer Electric Bike – also check the Rubbee Electric Drive which allows you to transform any regular bicycle into an electric bike.

The E-Flyer features a retro design hydroformed aluminum frame which confers the bike durability and light weight (only 57 lbs – 25.8 Kg), Avid BB7R brakes, CREE LED Headlight and a 3,500 watt Brushless DC Hub-Motor powered by a rechargeable 750 watts power cell (a race mode is available with power up to 3,500 watts). The E-Flyer reaches speeds up to 20 mph (32km/h) in street mode and 36mph (58 km/h) in race mode with a road range of 30-35 miles (that’s 48-56 km). But you don’t have to worry about the range: the E-Flyer charges in about 2 hours and, with a weight of only 25 kilograms (57 pounds) – which is a tad more than what an average mountain bike out-there weights – you can easily pedal your way home if needed.

For all you “Buy American” fans out-there … Did I mention the Icon E-Flyer is handmade in California, US?

Let’s hear you in the comments… What’s you take on the E-Flyer? Are Electric Bikes a viable alternative for individual daily commutes?

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