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Oct 142013

Ghe-O Motors Rescue - The Ultimate Utilitarian Vehicle For Extreme Weather And Terrain

Ghe-O Motors is a Romanian company specialized in Offroad vehicles. Their latest utilitarian vehicle fully designed and built in Romania, the Ghe-O Rescue, was conceived to support the population living in areas affected by extreme weather and natural calamities – also check the Mercedes G63 6X6 Desert Beast and the TrackNGo System that allows transforming your pickup in a snowmobile.

Here are some of the Ghe-O Motors Rescue‘s impressive specs:

  • Personnel transport capabilities – 11 persons
  • Heavy-duty transmission with lockable axles
  • Two versions gas engine available (340hp and 500hp)
  • Two diesel engine versions (218hp and 304hp)
  • Size: 5.2-meters long (204.7-in), 2.7-m (106.3-in) wide, 2.39-m (94.1-in) tall, weighs 3.2 tons (6,400 lbs)
  • Wide terrain versatility and interoperability by mounting optional accessories such us snow tracks, pneumatic pillows on wheels to add water, snow and mud floating capabilities, snow and mud plows, water pumps for firefighting, foldable roof-mounted cargo space, medical transport and a passenger trailer

For an impressive demonstration of the Ghe-o Motors Rescue capabilities check the two videos below. The first video in an overview of the Rescue performing in various terrains while the second clip is featuring the Ghe-O vs a Hummer 1 on a snowy track.



Sep 272013

Road Shower - The Rack Mounted Solar Shower With Pressurized Hot Water

With the Road Shower, you can have a hot pressurized shower on your vehicle. The water is solar heated even while driving.

The Road Shower is an interesting concept – a water recipient is mounted on your car’s rack and allows you to always carry with your a water reserve. The water recipient can hold up to 5 gallons (that’s about 19 liters), it can be pressurized with the use of a simple bike pump and solar heats the water allowing you to take a shower while on the go, wash some dishes if you’re camping, wash gear or pets or anything else you might like to use it for – also check some other cool car gear we featured earlier.

The Road Shower is in project stage at Kickstarter and you can score a special early price for just $210.

$210 | BUY NOW
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Sep 252013

Stun Gun iPhone 4-4S Case by Yellow Jacket Cases
Your personal safety and your family’s is something you should always keep in mind.

Just as the Pepper Spray iPhone Case we featured a while back, the Yellow jacket Stun Gun iPhone case upgrades your ordinary iPhone protection with personal safety features.

The case is made of PC and ABS and features an extended battery designed to be used by the stunt gun, but also charge your iPhone if needed. The stun gun sports sharp electrodes designed to penetrate clothing for maximum effect and it is activated by a two-step safety feature to prevent accidental discharges.

The Yellow Jacket iPhone Case is available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S (the guys from Yellow Jacket are working hard to cover more smartphone models) in 5 colors (black, white, pink, yellow and red) and will set you back a hefty $139.99. But hey, personal safety has no price and, given you never forget your iPhone at home, always having a stun gun with you should bring some piece of mind in this rough times.

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Sep 202013

SPOT Global Satellite Phone Coverage Map

While most of us go crazy after powerful smartphones with big screens and power hog processors, the SPOT Global Phone has a different value proposition for it’s customers – affordable satellite phones with almost full Earth coverage (some parts of Africa and Asia are not yet included in their plans – check the above map).

Their phones are not what we usually call “head turners” but hey, there’s a price to pay for being able to use your phone in remote areas with no cell phone coverage. On the other hand, their airtime plans are pretty acceptable starting from a reasonable pricing of $0.25 US per minute.

So now we have smartphones for city usage, low priced satellite phones for usage in remote areas … what’s next? What do you think? Let me know in the comments …

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Sep 162013

Anti Theft Backpack & Bag Protector by Pacsafe

Being able to protect your gear while on the go it’s something you should constantly be worried about.
While a dedicated anti-theft solution as the Camsafe 100 can bring you some piece of mind if you want to safely transport your DSLR, what happens with bigger messenger bags and backpacks?

PacSafe, the “world’s leading travel security brand”, brings an interesting solution on the table – The PacSafe BackPack and Bag Protector. The bag protector is basically an exomesh cage system that keeps your goods away of thieves. Put your bag inside the metallic mesh, close it, attach it to a secure fixture with the included padlock and you’re ready to go.

While the system is not 100% infallible and someone with the right equipment (read cable cutters) can manage his way to your gear, it is a good solution when traveling for the simple fact that it makes it difficult for thieves to snap your bag and run. Why battle with the protective mesh and risk to be caught when there are so many other “free-to-grab” bags out-there???

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Sep 142013

Girls Don't Poop - Cool Advertisement From Poo-Pourri, A Before-You-Go Toilet Deodorizer

In the mood for another cool commercial?
Check how a cool vid and a nice advertising campaign can serve to increase sales of a Toilet Deodorizer.

Poo-Pourri is a real product and is available for purchase on Amazon. So, as the vid says – “whether you need to pinch a loaf at work, cut a rope at a party or lay a brick at your boyfriend’s” Poo-Pourri ‘s “business is to make it smell like your business never even happened”!!!

Cool … I am still laughing ….

$10.05 | BUY NOW


Sep 092013

Jac Zagoory Paper Scroll Pen

Stop running around like a headless chicken, after a piece of paper, every time you want to jot down something.
The Paper Scroll Pen was designed to make sure you have a pen and paper available every time you need them.

Here’s how it works – the pen’s cap hides over 2 feet of scroll paper. Remove the cap, pull the scroll paper, jot down whatever you have on your mind and either roll back the note for storage or simply tear it down. The pen also features an extendable top barrel, which, when extended, allows you to comfortably write longer texts.

The Jac Zagoory Scroll Pen is available in multiple colors and required Scroll Refills to work (the first scroll paper refill is included with the purchase).

$28+ | BUY NOW


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