Dec 162013

LifeStraw Go Sports Water Bottle

EarthEasy, the company behind the acclaimed LifeStraw Portable Filter and LifeStraw Bottle, just released another new cool product designed to help nature adventurers: the LifeStraw Go.

The LifeStraw Go allows on-the-go water filtration, has a filtering capacity of 264 gallons (that’s 1000 liters) before replacement, removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites and contains no chemicals or iodine. Both the water bottle and the filter are made of durable BPA-free Tritan while the mouthpiece is made of food grade silicone.
Another cool part about the LifeStraw Go is that with every water bottle sold the seller provides a child in Africa with clean water for an entire school year.

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Dec 122013

Bike Armband Rearview Mirror By RearViz title=

The RearViz Bike Armband Rearview Mirror is a cool safety addition to your biking gear – also check the Invisible Bicycle Helmet, the Messaging Backpack and the Orange LED Turn Signal Bike Gloves – all designed to improve biker safety!

The armband features a collapsible convex mirror which will allow you to see what’s behind you while still keeping your eye on the road forward! The mirror is adjustable to almost any position (the armband can be moved up and down, turned inside or outside the arm and the mirror itself rotates around it’s axe) to assure the perfect viewing angle and an ergonomic riding position.

The RearViz Bike Mirror Armband is available in a range of vibrant colors including black, blue, green, orange and purple, comes with two armband sizes (short and long) and features interchangeable discs (no need to change the entire armband if you’re bored and you feel like upgrading to a different disc color).

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Dec 112013

UnBRELLA - The Umbrella 2.0 Improved Rain Protection

Hiroshi Kajimoto’s new UnBrella design promises to improve your rain protection by … turning it upside down – Also check these cool umbrellas we featured earlier: the 8-in Pocket Umbrella, the 65 MPH (100kmh) Wind Resistant Senz Umbrella and the Hands-Free Umbrella.

Well, not really upside down, but close … The innovative design moves the umbrella’s structure from the inside of the canopy to the outside giving users some cool advantages: when folded closed, the umbrella’s wet side will be on it’s inside allowing user to manipulate it without getting wet; the UnBRELLA’s design allows it to stand-up by itself making storage and drying a child’s game; ease of opening when in small spaces (the canopy extends from top to bottom); improved resistance to wind.

The UnBrella will be available in February 2014. You can pre-order one via the Buy Now link below (some of the page’s text is in Japanese).

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Dec 042013

Mega Flashlight With Emergency Power Station
If you liked the idea of a portable flashlight combined with a power pack ready to charge your gadgets and light your way when power goes off, but you found the Emergency Radio Charger Flashlight we featured earlier to small, we’re back with even more power!

The rechargeable power station features a swivel head which allows users to direct the light in any direction, a super-bright, stay-cool 120-watt halogen bulb with two power intensities, a shoulder strap for easy transportation as well as built-in USB port and 12V DC outlet to various various gadgets like smartphone, tablets, digital cameras and so on …

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Dec 022013

Jeep Wrangler ZS1 Limited Edition - The Zombie Slayer That Will Save Your Life When The Inevitable Happens!
The Jeep ZS1 Wrangler by Zombie Slayer was designed to give you a hand when the Zombie Apocalypse happens – also check the Hyundai Walking Dead Veloster Zombie Survival Mean Machine and the Zombie Survival Crate we featured earlier.

The SUV is built based on a 2012 Jeep Wrangler (the regular and Unlimited versions are available) with Jeep certified aftermarket parts. Here are some of the Wrangler ZS1 specs (ZS stands for Zombie Slayer):

  • 3.6L Pentastar V6 Engine which outputs 285 horsepower, 2160 torque
  • Automatic transmission (optional manual transmission)
  • Various performance mods: upgraded intake, Gibson performance exhaust, new speedometer gear
  • Extreme brightness lights, Oracle L.E.D. halos and Mopar light guards
  • Rear tow hooks and Warn XD 9000i winch to help you conquer all forms of terrain
  • Body armor doors, front & rear heavy duty bumpers
  • 3″ Suspension lift kit and Mickey Thompson MTX 35″ Tires
  • Front mesh grill and Safari heavy duty netting
  • The stock side doors and the vinyl top are included
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Nov 272013

Waterproof iPad Case With Suction-Cup Mount - Bathroom Karaoke

The SplashTablet Waterproof iPad case allows you to bring your iPad with you in any humid (read water) environment in safety – also check the Snake Leather iPad Case and the BookBook Travel Journal iPad Leather Case.

The waterproof case fits all iPad generations and features a cool suction mount that allows mounting it on any flat surface. This way you can “hang” your iPad in the kitchen and use it as a recipe book or you can mount it in the bathroom and sing your favorite karaoke songs while showering. All this by keeping your iPad safely away from the damaging water!

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Nov 182013

BookBook Leather iPad Travel Case For Tablet And Gear

Twelve South, the creators of the BookBook MacBook Pro Leather Case and the iPhone Book Leather Case we featured earlier, brought another cool item to the market: the BookBook Travel Journal.

The Twelve South Travel Journal is a cool leather case to host your iPad (it actually works with other tablets too). The case features a pocket dedicated solely to your iPad and a main compartment where you can store various gear you need on daily basis (read: headphones, chargers, USB cables, USB flash drives, you know … all that gear that fills our backpacks!). Just as the MacBook Pro and iPhone cases, the iPad case exterior looks like an ordinary hadcover book, leading people (read – potential thieves) to believe there’s nothing of value there.

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