Jul 252015

Creative Sound Blaster Free Multifunction Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Start your own party with the new Creative Sound Blaster Free Bluetooth speaker!

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The Sound Blaster Free sports 360-degree sound with deep bass, dual passive side radiators, auto-EQ for best audio quality, LOUD booster mode to make heads turn, up to 10 hours of continuous running on a full charge, IPX4 splash proof certification to protect it against accidental water splashes, Mulit-Point Bluetooth connectivity so you can enjoy your preferred music from multiple devices as well as AUX-in, MicroSD and USB connectivity for other devices that don’t support wireless music transfers! Cool, isn’t it!

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Jun 062014

Harman Kardon CL Precision On-Ear Extended Bass Headphones
Harman Kardon is a big name in the audio world and manufactures high quality gadgets well appreciated by millions of customers. With mobile devices (read smartphones and tablets) on the rise, it’s normal they wanted a piece of the pie! And what better way to enter this crowded niche of mobile gadgets than the headphones niche where they were able to take advantage of their well known brand and use their existing expertise to build quality products.

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Their first line of headphones was the Harman Kardon CL back in 2012. So why am I telling you about them now, after a couple of years since they were released? Because they’re freaking cool and and they offer strong audio performance with rich bass and crisp highs. Not only that, but, even though they were reasonably priced when they were released (around $200 US), today they’re a real steal (Amazon sells them for $118 US as we speak; you can also find them for as low as $84 US via independent sellers on the Amazon marketplace here).

The Harman Kardon CL feature a sophisticated, modern design, high performance 1-5/8″ (40 mm) drivers which outperform other headphones in extended bass response, an excellent response frequency of 16Hz – 20kHz, magnetic leather ear pads for easy replacement as well as an Apple fully compatible remote controller with built-in microphone.

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May 262014

Angry Birds Helmet Pig Speaker With iPhone And iPad Dock
The Angry Birds Helmet Pig iPhone Dock in one of the cutest iPhone speakers out there!
And, surprisingly for a toy looking speaker, not only it’s cute but also packs a decent set of features and power. The Helmet Pig iPhone dock is manufactured by Gear4, packs a 30W speaker with bass control and a built-in subwoofer, dock connectors for iPhone and iPad as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack for universal compatibility with most gadgets out there.

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Feb 122014

SkullCandy FC Barcelona Headphones (Hesh 2, Uprock, Inkd)
Soccer is big all around the world (well, a bit less in North America, but we’re catching up quickly) and one of the biggest soccer teams ever is widely recognized to be Spain’s FC Barcelona (now … half of you will probably hate me for using “one of the biggest soccer teams ever” instead of “THE biggest soccer team ever“)!

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While there are many products out there to help you show your love for your favorite soccer club, one of the coolest gadgets I found to perfectly achieve this is the SkullCandy Hesh 2 FC Barcelona Edition!
Not only is the Hesh 2 is a great headphones model which features powerful sound, soft over-the-ear cushion pads, 50 mm drivers, built-in audio filters such as Attacking Bass, Natural Vocals, and Precision Highs, 35 ohms, 105 dB sound pressure level, Mic 1 microphone system which allows to makea nd receive calls, play, pause and control tracks and many more, but when matched with the world’s biggest soccer icon (OK … sorry … I forgot to be politically correct and I finally said it) it becomes even better! The perfect wearable to proudly show you’re a Barça fan!

The SkullCandy FC Barcelona collection also includes the Uprock (on the ear) and Ink’s (ear buds) models, so you can choose your best fit for a comfortable ride to the Camp Nou!

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Feb 032014

AeroSkull HD iPhone Bluetooth Speaker
Designed by Jarre Technologies (founded by the musical legend, Jean Michel Jarre) to work with iPhone, iPad and any other music players (via line-in or Bluetooth), the AeroSkull HD is a real style statement piece of gadgetry – also check Philips StarMaker Bluetooth Speaker & Karaoke System the The Bass Egg Turns Any Surface Into A Dedicated Speaker.

The speaker outputs 80W of power (two mid-range 20W speakers hidden behind the sunglasses; one sub-woofer of 40W covering the back of the skull), is made of chrome plated ABS, comes with a bone-design remote controller with backlight buttons and is available in a range of vibrant colors. On the technical side the speaker supports MP3, AAC, WMA, protected AAC and WAV files and sports Bluetooth, NFC, APTX and A2DP codecs.

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Oct 182013

SubPac M1 - Feel The Bass Wherever You Go
The SubPac M1 is a wearable addon designed to allow you to feel the music (read feel the bass) the same way as you would feel it near a club speaker set. The addon was initially designed as a solution for DJs on stage, to allow them to feel the music they produce for the public. But, if you’re a true bass lover, it is available for the public and can be pre-ordered via the below links.

The SubPac M1 works by “‘transferring low frequencies directly to your body’” to let you really feel the music you hear. Powered by a 1.9 lbs rechargeable battery , the device gets about 8 hours of usage per charge, just enough to help you go through a boring day at the office!

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