Dec 162012

Wooden iPhone Puzzle Shaped Case For iPhone 4-4S and 5

If high tech iPhone cases like the Composite Case, the SprayTect or the LifeProof are not necessary on your taste, and you’d like to protect your smartphone with something more classy and warm, why not use a wooden case? Usually wood suggests anything but high tech. On the other hand, nothing beats that beautiful shinny warm touch that only wood can give to an object.

The Wooden iPhone case features a puzzle design made of 15 pieces of laser-cut, un-dyed wood treated with protective finish. The are 11 wood type used to manufacture the case (bamboo, walnut wood, mahogany, padauk, redwood burl, lacewood, black limba, olive ash burl, purpleheart, paldao) and each iPhone skin has a unique grain matter, which makes your case totally unique even compared to another case from the same model line.

This iPhone protective case is fully compatible with iPhones 4/4s and 5.

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Sep 182012

iPad 2, 3 & 4 Wood Case by Root

Eco-Friendly bamboo iPad 2, 3 & 4 cases.
The renewable wooden cases will offer your iPad a warm, cool look, as well as increased protection during transportation and storage.
Available in two tones – walnut and original bamboo.

$79 | BUY NOW
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