Oct 012013

The Silva Bamboo iPad Case With Handle Protects Your Favorite Tablet in Style

The Silva Bamboo iPad Case is a cool and fancy way to protect and transport your iPad. The case is made of machine cut solid bamboo hand sanded, glued, felted, and finished – also check the Root iPad bambo case.

The bamboo iPad case is available for iPad 2 and iPad 3, it features a leather strap for easy transportation, wool felt lined interior for anti scratch protection as well as an interior sleep magnet which closes your iPad’s screen to save the tablet battery. Also available in the same format and built quality for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

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Oct 012013

Fancy Macally Ecofanpro Bamboo Laptop Stand

Today’s laptops pack more and more power while constantly shrinking their “package”.
This is cool for the end user as he gets a slick, thin and powerful ultrabook, but it sometimes leads to heating issues.

The Macally Ecofanpro Bamboo Stand was designed to assure proper laptop heating dissipation while being stylish and looking good in your home or office. The laptop stand is made of 100% organic bamboo, has three adjustable heights and sports two 2.5″ USB powered fans that blow cold air to your laptop helping it stay cool.

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Apr 012013

The Station - The Modernist Desktop Caddy by iSkelter

Remember the guys from iSkelter who manufactured the cool iPhone dock called the Chisel 5?

They’re back on the market with a new col product – The Station which is designed as a modernist caddy for all your day-to-day gear. The iSkelter Station is made of 100% Eco-Friendly Bamboo and it features three main slots to help you un-clutter your desk or counter top: one slot is specifically built to accommodate your phone (comes in two sizes, so it will perfectly fit your iPhone or any of the current larger Android models); the second slot is made to host small gear like writing instruments, paper clips, etc…; while the third slot is bigger and ready to accommodate the rest of your daily gear: sunglasses, keys, business cards and anything else you can think of …

The iSkelter Station keeps it simple: there are no wires, chargers or any other external accessories to mess with – just a simple, nice, high quality of Bamboo caddy perfectly shaped to bring some organization to your daily gear.

The project in s funding over at, which means you’ll get a nice early bird deal on the Station while helping the iSkelter guys manufacture the Bamboo caddy. And, as the project is already be founded after only 5 days of fund raising, there are no doubts you’ll get your desk organizer Station in May 2013.

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Feb 282013

iBam 2 - iPhone Natural Bamboo Sound Amplifier

The iBam2 is made of 100% natural bamboo and it does not require any power source (electricity plug or battery) as it uses the hollow inner tube of the bamboo to amplify the volume of your smartphone’s sound.

Although the iBam was initially conceived for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s, the manufacturer states that it is compatible with any smartphone that features internal speakers, regardless if the speakers are situated at the top or at the bottom of the phone design.

The iBam 2 sells for $59 US. At this price you easily find other quality smartphone speakers like the Oyo or the Vers 1Q , but, if you factor in that we’re speaking about 100% green bamboo speakers which work without any kind of electricity, the price seems reasonable.

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Feb 102013

Natural Wood iPhone Cases by SigniCase - Leica M1, M7 and M9 Bamboo, Sapele, Walnut

SigniCase is a Hong Kong based manufacturer that produces high quality wooden accessories for iPhone.
They use commonly-available wood species for their products and promise that no endangered woods are harmed in the iPhone case making process.

The SigniCase most famous case series is the one mimicking the Leica camera models M1, M7 and M9.
The cases are designed to perfectly match your iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5, they’re made of Bamboo, Sapele or Walnut wood and they’re fully handcrafted.

If you’re on the market for a warm touch, nice handcrafted wooden iPhone case, this might be just the perfect choice for you …

$9 | BUY NOW – US Market


Jan 122013

Bamboo Cube Shaped Pixel Table

The pixel table is a nice interior table idea made of high quality bamboo wood.
Basically, the Dutch studio Intussen Studio throw in some squared shaped bamboo stick and created this ingenious piece of furniture. The sticks can be pushed in or pulled out creating unique storage spaces on the sticks or inside the cube.

The Cube Table measures 45 x 45 x 45 cm and sells for ~1,200 USD.

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Dec 292012

Chisel 5 iPhone Bamboo Dock By iSkelter

Made of rapidly renewable bamboo, the Chiesel 5 is a handcrafted iPhone 5 stand. The dock can be used vertically and horizontally, it’s 100% made and engraved in US, and it is compatible with the iPhone 5.

The stand features a cable cutout, so, while docked, the cable pressure will not stress the iPhone Lightning connector.

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