Apr 062015

Survco Tactical Credit Card Sized Wallet Axe
A while back we presented you a cool collection of 33 Wallet gadgets To Supercharge Your Daily Routine and today we’re back with another cool credit card sized multitool gadget – the Survco Tactical Credit Card Axe.

The Survco Axe is one of the coolest minimalist multitools around, is made in US of 304, 12 gauge stainless steel and features a total of 21 functions including a seat belt cutter, gas valve wrench, 5-16′, 1/2″, 3/8″, 1/4″, 7/16″ sockets, a flat head drivers, a nail puller, a bottle opener and a wood/bone saw. But that’s not all – the Survco Tactical Multitool transforms in seconds into a fully functional axe or spear and can be used for personal protection, hunting or survival while out there in the woods!

An axe, a spear or an arrow in your wallet? Sounds incredible? Check out the video to see the Survco Multitool in action!

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Jan 242014

Cool Axe 2014 Super Bowl Commercial - Heres Axe Way Of Saying Make Love Not War
The “Make love, not war” slogan comes from back in the 60’s when it was mainly used in anti Vietnam war demonstrations. Today, 40 years after the Vietnam war, the “Make love, not war” slogan still raises attention. Check out this cool Axe advertising around this theme …


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