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Nov 192015

Amplio Portable Sound Amplifier For iPhone, Android And Windows Mobile Smartphones

The Amplio is a cool wooden sound amplifier designed to improve your smartphone’s audio capabilities.
Designed by the guys behind the Flio laptop holder we told you about earlier, the Amplio is compatible with iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android devices, sports the retro design of a classic radio, is made of high quality bamboo and needs no wires, batteries or electricity to amplify your smartphone’s audio!

I used the Amplio for the past couple of days, and I am pretty impressed by the quality of this gadget. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t be able to throw a party with only your iPhone, but the amp’s wooden casing gives sound a warm touch amplifying the bass and the lows, just perfect for enjoying your favorite tunes or watching a movie!

The Amplio is in project mode over at Kickstarter and you can grab one for $48US. Check it out, it’s worth the time!

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May 072013

The Bass Egg Turns Any Surface Into A Dedicated Speaker

With laptops, tablets and smartphones getting thinner and smaller every day, there are certain trade offs we have to endure. One of these trade offs the quality of the sound speakers. While there are some devices that do a decent job with their internal speakers, most of the today gadgets suffer of poor sound systems.

The Bass Egg is a possible solution for this issue. While packed in a small package, the Bass Egg uses whatever surface it’s placed on as a sound amplifier to enhance it’s 360 degrees sound. So, apart being very portable, you also get an infinity of sound tones output. Simply place the Bass Egg to a wooden table and get deep rich tones or move it on a glass surface for clear tonalities. It’ll do the rest.

The Bass Egg comes with wireless Bluetooth data streaming, an integrated rechargeable battery and can is compatible with any device featuring Bluetooth connections.

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Apr 102013

BoomCase Speakers, Audio Amplifier Vintage Hand Cases

The BoomCase is a self powered portable stereo system that allows you to play high quality music (or any other audio) while on the go.
The BoomCase is handmade in California from old vintage suitcases and it features:

  • Self Powered based on Li-Io battery system that allows up to 10 hours of audio play per charge
  • Two or more speakers (based on the desired configuration)
  • Up to 600 Watt amplification (based on the desired configuration)
  • Battery meter
  • Aux Input – by using the Auxiliary input you can play basically any gadget that outputs via a 3.5mm plug without any additional convertors
  • Compatible with most Smartphones, Tablets, MP3 on the market – including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Smartphones, Blackberry and Nokia
  • Power switch for better battery management
  • USB charging port
  • BoomCase power port
  • External Bluetooth Wireless

The BoomCase comes in a variety of shapes, colors, materials and amplification levels.

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Mar 142013

iPhone Volta Sound Block Amplifies Your iPhone's Sound Naturally - No Electronic Gimmicks Involved

Just like the iBam2, the Volta Sound Block is a passive sound amplifier for iPhone. We call it a passive sound amplifier because no electronics are involved in amplifying the sound. The effect is obtained by the materials and the design used to build the block.

The Volta Sound is a wooden box made of fine, solid Oregon Northwest Alder and a Bison horn. The iPhone stand is padded with wool from Pendleton Woolen Mills to protect the iPhone from scratches and the Bison horn is attached to the box with Neodymium Magnets – which allows easy positioning and transportation while offering a maximum hold power. The Volta Sound Block is made in Oregon-US, ships in a hand printed travel bag, which makes it perfect for a high class gift and it’s available in four wood grains: Dark Native, Light Native, Dark Gray and Light Gray.

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Feb 282013

iBam 2 - iPhone Natural Bamboo Sound Amplifier

The iBam2 is made of 100% natural bamboo and it does not require any power source (electricity plug or battery) as it uses the hollow inner tube of the bamboo to amplify the volume of your smartphone’s sound.

Although the iBam was initially conceived for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s, the manufacturer states that it is compatible with any smartphone that features internal speakers, regardless if the speakers are situated at the top or at the bottom of the phone design.

The iBam 2 sells for $59 US. At this price you easily find other quality smartphone speakers like the Oyo or the Vers 1Q , but, if you factor in that we’re speaking about 100% green bamboo speakers which work without any kind of electricity, the price seems reasonable.

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Jan 042013

XXL Sound System By Geneva Labs White

Geneva Labs are set to release their XXL Sound System model in March 2013.
Here are a couple of features of this high quality sound piece:

  • Wireless music play via Airplay (Apple) and Bluetooth streaming
  • Built-in FM, DAB/DAB+, and DMB radio receiver with RDS
  • Designed to support a 65in flat screen placed on top
  • 8in subwoofer
  • 7 Class D digital amplifiers – 589 watts total output
  • LED Display
  • HDMI in, HDMI out, Remote control, external antena
  • Swiss made
  • Cabinet Piano-lacquered wood available in 3 colors – white, black, and red color
  • Width × height × depth: 120 cm × 51 cm × 55 cm (47.3” × 20.1” × 21.5”)
  • Weight: 50 kg (110 pounds)
-$4,020 | BUY NOW
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Oct 172012

WS100 Wireless Speakers by Monitor Audio Laptop

Great wireless speaker set from Monitor Audio (these guys have over 40 years experience in the audio field).

The speakers connect to your PC via an USB dongle (included in the box), the connection is instant (no need to install any drivers or software) and the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) drives the optimized signals from individual cool-running hi-fi amplifiers right to your WS100 Wireless Speakers.

The speakers are PC and MAC 100% compatible.

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