Apr 302013

10 Cool Laptop Lid Decals To Help You Renew Your Notebook's Look

Here you have a cool selection of Laptop Decals. The decals (also called lid decorations or lid stickers) are meant to redesign the usually boring aspect of your laptop’s external lid. While some of the decals below are advertised as MacBook decals, you cal also use them on other brand laptops (ex: many Dell laptops feature the Dell logo in the middle of the lid – just as Apple does with it’s MacBook).

1) Giving Tree Decal – Vinyl Macbook or Laptop Decal Sticker – $5.99
2) 15 – 15.6 inch Laptop Notebook Skin Sticker Cover Art Decal Fits Laptop Size of 13″ 13.3″ 14″ 15″ 15.6″ 16″ HP Dell Lenovo Asus Compaq Asus Acer Computers (Free Wrist Pad) – $2.49
3) 15’6 Inch Taylorhe laptop skin protective decal pink hello kitty – $13.95
4) Apple Macbook Vinyl Decal Sticker – Snoopy and Woodstock Campfire – $6.70
5) My Neighbor Totoro on branch with his friend Apple – WHITE – Vinyl Laptop or Macbook Decal – $5.71
6) Apple Macbook Laptop Ironman Decal – $1.99
7) Darth Vader Macbook Decal Mac Apple skin sticker – $1.84
8) 15 Laptop (Mac/Pc) Beatles Abby Road – $25.89
9) GelaSkins Protective Skin for 13.3 & 14.1″ PC and Mac Laptops – “Bookshelf” – $29.95
10) Heart Hands MacBook Decal Mac Apple skin sticker – $3.86


Apr 022013

Twelve South 12-1222  Hi-Rise Adjustable MacBook Stand

Twelve South is a high quality Apple accessory manufacturer. They are known for the BookBook series of iPhone wallets and high quality Mac Book Pro cases.

Their Hi-Rise Adjustable Stand For MacBook features the same high quality and reasonable price pattern that made the Twelve South brand famous.

The Hi-Rise MacBook Stand has incorporated a piston that allows you to easily adjust the height of the laptop’s screen up to 6in until you get a perfect ergonomic working position. The stand fits 11in (Air) to 15in (Pro) MacBooks, sports 2 non-slip arms which allow a good laptop cooling and air circulation, is made from aluminum to maintain a sturdy stance and low weight while the bottom of the stand is coated with Teflon to protect the desk surface.

The HiRise adjustable stand is a nice, classic looking addition for any Apple fan’s office.

$69.95 | BUY NOW – US Market
£59.99 | BUY NOW – EUROPE


Apr 022013

Cool Item Piles - 10 Premium iPhone Cases To Protect Your Precious Smartphone
Either you want to protect your iPhone or simply make a style statement, a well crafted quality case can do the job for you.
Here’s a cool selection of 10 premium iPhone cases to choose from:

1) Piel Frama 525 Red Crocodile Magnetic Leather Case for Apple iPhone 4 / 4S
2) Gradual Swarovski Crystal iPhone 5 Cases – Pink
3) Mophie Juice Pack Pro Ruggedized Rechargeable External Battery Case for iPhone 4/4s – 2,500 mAh Outdoor Edition
4) iOuter Jacket for iPhone 4S/4 (Boombox)
5) Apple Iphone4 4s DLP Pocket Projector, 2100mAh External Power
6) CalypsoCase Austin Chill handcrafted leather case for iPhone 5
7) MAPi Cases Orion For iPhone 5 – Flip Style Leather Smartcase, Folding Cover Stand Design, Black
8) HITCASE for Iphone 4/4S
9) Urban Armor Gear IPH4S-COMP-CBT iPhone 4/4S Composite Case With Impact Resistant Bumpers – Cobalt
10) LifeProof Black Waterproof Cover for iPhone 4s, 4 with Car Charger, House Charger with extra long cord, Dock Extender Adapter and Radiation Shield


Mar 312013

Sponsored Superheroes - Hulk Advertising Monster Energy

It is well known big brands pay big money to celebrities to represent them. Some companies go even as far as creating special product lines for the celebrities representing them (think Nike Air Jordan!!!).

One category of celebrities that are not seen much into advertising partnerships are Superheros … I wonder why!
Let’s dis-consider for a second the fact that Tony Stark owns Stark Industries, Bruce Wayne is the head of Wayne Enterprises and Hulk’s Robert Bruce Banner is always on the run and let our imagination run wild and see some cool advertising matches between superheros and the big corporations of today. The matches are done by the Italian artist Roberto Vergati Santos who did a wonderful job on these mockups.



Mar 162013

Ion iCade The iPhone & iPod Mobile Portable Game Controller

A while back we featured the Ion iCade Tablet Game Controller which helps you play games in classic fashion on your iPad. We had a lot of positive feedback on this post, so we decided to follow-up with the Ion iCade Mobile Controller for iPhone and iPod Touch – also check the Moga Mobile gaming system for smartphones.

The iCade Cotroller adds physical buttons and a d-pad to your iPhone gaming experience, has a rotating cradle allowing you to play landscape and portrait game types, uses the same reliable Bluetooth technology to transmit your commands to the iPhone and works with hundreds of games from the Apple App Store.

Do you use any controller when you’re gaming on your iPod, iPhone or iPad? Let me know in the comments …

$33.99 | BUY NOW – US Market
£49.99 | BUY NOW – EUROPE


Mar 052013

Classic Novel iPad Covers Make Your iPad look Like a Book

Set yourself apart from the pack by equipping your iPad with a Classic Novel iPad Case – also check The MacBook Pro Book Leather Case.

Although books are super cool, the advancing technology of our days makes it so easy to upload a bunch of e-books to your iPad and read on the go. Also the manufacturing costs of e-books is way lower than their hard cover counterparts. Not even speaking about the environment …

This post is not an essay to make you read more or to save the environment by buying e-books instead of paper books. This post is intended for people like me, who, by convenience, moved their reading material on a tablet, but still miss the look of the old books.

The classic Novel iPad Covers are made of spongy protective material, have a minimalist design featuring the novel covers of 1984, Origin of the Species, Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz and fit the iPads generations 3 and 4.

Although these book covers will not bring back the pleasant feeling of turning pages, they still look super cool when they’re closed. I also have to mention the stealth factor they give your iPad – I believe far less people will be attracted to steal a book from your backpack, then to steal an Apple tablet.

$30 | BUY NOW
Cheaper On Amazon?


Jan 172013

EyeTV Mobile - Turn Your iPad and iPhone Into a Classic TV - Live TV

One of the features missing on most tablets and smartphones is Live TV. Don’t get me wrong – you can get almost any TV channel on your gadget via the internet, but what I am saying here is that good, old TV (you know … the one that we used to get with the rabbit ears) is missing from the most devices.

Surprisingly, most Chinese smartphone knock-offs have it incorporated … not sure how they do it and mighty Apple, Samsung, HTC and LG are “not able” …

Anyway – is you own an iPhone 4 (or latter) or an iPad, you can get the Live TV on your device by using an EyeTV adapter. Basically, you hook up the adapter in the 30 pin connector (a 30 pin to Lighting is available too, to make your iPhone 5 and iPad 4 and Mini compatible), instal the iOs app and you’re good to go!

The programming is featured by (head over their website to check the coverage in your area) and covers the most important city areas in US and Europe. Once the EyeTV adapter purchased, there are no monthly fees for the TV service – just make sure it’s available in your area).

$99 | BUY NOW – US Market
Cheaper On Amazon?


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