May 132014

Twelve South iMac And Apple Display BackPack Storage Addon
It hard to keep the pace with Apple’s cool, linear and minimalist gadgets design and make sure your office and your desk are in a perfect design harmony with your preferred gadgetry!

This being said, let me introduce you to the iMac BackPack from the Apple exclusive designer and accessories manufacturer Twelve South.
The Twelve South BackPack is made of solid steel, is compatible with all iMacs and Apple displays and offers an ingenious attachable storage solution for smaller gadgets. The devices can be attached on the front or on the back of the iMac and uses two clips as well as the gravity to secure it’s position.

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May 052014

hipKey Proximity And Movement Alarm For iPhone And iPad
hipKey is a proximity and movement alarm sensor designed to notify you when the pre-defined connection between your iPad or iPhone and the gadget is broken. In plain English this means you pair the hipKey to your iPhone and place it in your bag; if someone tries to take the bag away, your iPhone will notify you right away. While protection against thieves is one of the most obvious uses, you can also use the hipKey to make sure you don’t leave home and forget your iPhone, or, if you clip it to your kid’s belt, you’ll be notified when he’s no longer near you or, using the included Find Me Mode locate your iPhone, iPad or keychain when you no longer find them.

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Apr 162014

Pioneer NEX Or How To Use Apple CarPlay In Older Car Models
If you were disappointed by Apple introducing their new CarPlay functionality only to new car lines and you thought you’ll have to buy a new car to get your hands on it, I have a good news for you!

Pioneer just released their latest line of car gadgets – the Pioneer Nex CarPlay Receiver! As the name states, the Nex acts as a receiver, connects to your iPhone via Apple’s CarPlay connection and gives access to all your smartphone’s on-board and cloud-based features. The Nex comes in a handful of models, is compatible with most car makes and models (it replaces your stereo) and gives you access to fully use Siri, navigation, music and video playing, make and receive calls and messaging. Simply hook the Lightning plug to your iPhone and you’re ready to go!

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Jan 142014

Satechi Bluetooth Smart Keypad
Improve your office with the Satechi Bluetooth Smart Keypad. The keypad connects to your iMac, MacBook or Mac Mini cables free, via Bluetooth and extends your keyboard’s functionality with a dedicated numeric keypad and a 8 functions calculator. The keypad’s design matches the Apple products style and sports a stylish brushed-aluminum finish.

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Oct 282013

Scosche smartSTRIKE USB to Lightning and Micro USB Charger and Data Cable White and Black

For those of you who have a Lightning device (newer iPad, iPod or iPhone) and also have to carry around a Micro USB piece of gear (everything else other than Apple gadgets) the smartSTRIKE 2-in-1 cable will bring you piece of mind – also check USB Utility Charge Cable Tool.

The cable features one standard USB plug which can be used with any Android, Windows Mobile or Apple charger, any laptop, desktop computer and most extended battery packs out there. On the other end the cable sports a 2-in-1 plug with Lightning and Micro USB plugs. The cable is 3 feet long (that’s close to 1 meter) and has a slim barrel design so you can use it even with larger protective cases.

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Oct 242013

Kia And Hyundai Android AVN - Audio Video Navigation In-Dash System
Korean car manufacturers Hyundai and Kia (32.8% owned by Hyundai Motor Company) announced they will start including Android powered in-car navigation and audio/video systems as of the end of 2013 becoming the first car producer to mass implement an Smartphone operating system in their vehicles. The first two models to be Android equipped are the Kia Soul and the Hyundai Genesis models released at the end of 2013, followed in 2014 by all models from both manufacturers.

The Android AVN (Audio-Video-Navigation) system is rumored to have it’s own apps market and it is not clear if Google Play will be fully supported. The Android AVN will be able to connect with your Android smartphone allowing you access to entertainment features.

On the other site, Apple pushes it’s iOS standard called “iOS in the Car” which should be released in 2014 to allow iOS device integration via the manufacturer’s native in-car control system.

Here’s my 2 cents about it … Once again we see the big guys battling to lock users into their own ecosystem. We already saw this in the past with the USB cables and chargers – each manufacturer used to have it’s own plug model and people were sticking with a brand because of $200 worth of cables and chargers they have bought.

What do I want as a user (although no one cares about what I want)? I want universality – I mean what happened with the micro USB standard was amazing (of course, Apple HAD to continue using their own standards, but hey, Apple is above all standards and they LOVE locking customers into their ecosystem).
I would like to see a standard protocol mounted in all cars, a protocol that would allow syncing, music, movies and navigation wireless battery charging and full connectivity with Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Gecko, Windows, Mac OS, Chromebook, Linux or any other OS that integrates the protocol.
That would be Respecting The User and Allowing Him to Choose the product he wants to use.

OK … enough with the bitching, Hyundai and Kia going Android is a very good news and we hope this partnership will bring us one step closer to the true smart car!



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