Dec 082014

Parrot Bebop Drone With Skycontroller Range Extender
The Parrot Bebop Drone is designed to allow you take awesome pictures and record amazing movies from the height of the skies, offering FPV (First Person View) footage via a dedicated free iPhone or Android app.

The Parrot Bebop Drone roughly measures 12-in (28cm) square and 1.5-in (3.6cm) tall, weighs around 14.5 ounces (that’s a maximum weight of 410 grams), is powered by a rechargeable battery which allows up to 11 minutes of flight at speeds up to 45mph (75KMH) in winds up to 30mph (50KMH). The drone is equipped with a 14MP 180-degree angle of view f2.2 fish-eye lens camera capable of recording full-HD 1080p MP4 movies or taking JPEG and Adobe DNG picture files.

ALSO CHECK the X4 First Person View Quadcopter By Hubsan Hobby and this Flying Eagle POV Video.

Both, the Parrot drone and the installed camera, can be controlled via the iOs (iPhone, iPad and iPod) or Android FreeFlight Parrot app which connects to your phone or tablet via Wi-Fi and has a range of about 980ft (300 meters). For those looking to extend the flying area of the drone, Parrot offers a Skycontroller addon which features an amplified Wi-Fi radio and 4 antennas to boost the device’s range up to 1.2 miles (2kilometers). The Skycontroller addon runs on Android and allows image output to smartphones, tablets as well as HDMI screens and TVs and VR sets such as the Oculus Rift (via HDMI), Zeiss Cinemizer or Sony FPV.

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May 052014

hipKey Proximity And Movement Alarm For iPhone And iPad
hipKey is a proximity and movement alarm sensor designed to notify you when the pre-defined connection between your iPad or iPhone and the gadget is broken. In plain English this means you pair the hipKey to your iPhone and place it in your bag; if someone tries to take the bag away, your iPhone will notify you right away. While protection against thieves is one of the most obvious uses, you can also use the hipKey to make sure you don’t leave home and forget your iPhone, or, if you clip it to your kid’s belt, you’ll be notified when he’s no longer near you or, using the included Find Me Mode locate your iPhone, iPad or keychain when you no longer find them.

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Oct 232013

Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini 2
Today is the day you’ll always remember as the day when Apple launched the iPad Air and the iPad Mini 2! So let’s see what’s cookin’!

The Apple Mini 2 comes with a 7.9″ screen with 4:3 aspect ration, Retina display (1536×2048 pixels at 324ppi pixel density), Apple A7 chipset (same processor as the iPhone 5S), M7 motion co-processor and storage versions between 16GB and 128GB. The iPad Mini 2 features a regular Home button (no TouchID here), is 0.3mm thicker and 23g heavier than the previous Mini version and starts at $399 US.

The iPad Air (not iPad 5) features the same A7 and M7 processors, a 9.7″ IPS screen with Retina display (1536×2048 pixel), four storage versions ranging between 16GB and 128GB and is priced starting with $499 US. The biggest changes comes in the iPad Air‘s design – it lost about 20% in thinness and an whooping 184 grams (the iPad Air only weights 469 grams).

Are you in the market for a tablet? What’s your take on the new Apple iPads? Let’s hear you in the comments …

$399+ | BUY NOW – iPad mini 2
$499+ | BUY NOW – iPad Air
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Sep 112013

Apple iPhone 5s Front View

Apple finally released their latest iPhone models – the 5s and the 5c (please note the “s” and “c” model indicatives are in lower case). So, now that the event is consumed, let’s take a quick look at what these new models bring to the market:

iPhone 5s:

  • Apple’s high end iPhone version
  • Available in there tones: gray, gold and silver
  • 64-bit A7 processor – advertised as being the only 64 bit processor on the smartphone market
  • A secondary M7 processor designed to only process user movement and motion information
  • ‘Touch ID” – security validation via a thumbprint sensor located in the Home button
  • 8MP new camera with image stabilization, f/2.2 lens, burst mode, Slow-Motion video recording mode with 120 fps
  • iOS 7
  • Improved battery which promises up to 10 hours of phone conversations OR internet browsing on one charge (I am eager to see the first battery user reviews)
  • “Apple style” US pricing ranges between $199 for the 16GB version and $399 for the 64GB version (with contract) or $649 for the 16GB version and $849 for the 64GB version (without contract)

iPhone 5c:

  • Considered Apple’s low cost model
  • Available in five colors: green, blue, yellow, pink and white
  • A6 processor
  • 4-inch Retina Display
  • 8MP iSight camera
  • iOS 7
  • LTE technology communications
  • US pricing ranges between $99 for the 16GB version and $199 for the 32GB version (with contract) or $549 for the 16GB version and $649 for the 32GB version (without contract)

Let’s hear you in the comments. What’s your take on Apple’s new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c? Would you change your existing smartphone for one of the models? Why … or why not?

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Sep 042013

GRID-IT Organization Laptop SLIM Backpack By Cocoon
The Cocoon SLIM is a laptop backpack featuring the GRID-IT gear organization system.
The backpack holds slim laptops up to 15-in (it was built for Apple’s MacBook series, but can accommodate other brands too as long as they’re not too think), it’s exterior is made of water-resistant nylon exterior, the zippers are waterproof, the interior is lined in faux suede, it has adjustable shoulder straps and a dedicated iPad interior pocket.

The cool parts about the Cocoon SLIM Backpack are that, when fully loaded, it’s depth is only 3.5 inches (that’s about 9 cm) and it features Cocoon’s proprietary organization system called GRID-IT. Cocoon describes the GRID-IT system as: “A unique weave of rubberized elastic bands made specifically to hold personal objects firmly in place. Designed to provide endless configurations of objects, digital devices and personal effects, GRID-IT! is as versatile as life itself!

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Apr 142013

People Are Awesome - Youtube Win Collection Advertisement

The Youtube homemade Wins collection video “People Are Awesome” was made by the British music band Hadouken! to promote their latest single: Levitate. Since the clip was released in January 2013 got more than 55 million views and 165,000 thumbs up from Youtube viewers.

We can only congratulate the guys from Hadouken! for their advertising sense and the huge exposure their band got from this video going viral on Youtube. This is a real life example of Amazing Advertising Wizardry!

If you liked the store or the advertising strategy, you can support the guys from Hadouken! by purchasing their single on iTunes or at the Amazon MP3 Store.

$0.99 | BUY NOW – iTunes
$0.89 | BUY NOW – Amazon MP3 Store


Feb 182013

The ION iCade Transforms Your iPad Into An Arcade Game

Remember the time when the only video game in town was at the Arcade Saloon? Apart of feeling old just because I can remember those times, the ION iCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad bring back only good memories …

So, what we have here is nice wooden arcade built in the style of the 80s. The console features 8 buttons and a joystick and it connects to your iPad via Bluetooth. Although not specified by the manufacturer, iPads from generations 1, 2, 3 and 4 seems to be compatible – they should work just fine as the connection is done via bluetooth and they have very similar sizes.

The iCade comes with the Atari Greatest Hits app downloadable ia the App Store. You can play classics like Asteroids, Centipede, Battlezone and many more (some of them are free some are paid games).

Apart the Atari Greatest Hits app, users are reporting many other App Store games being compatible with the ION iCade – check the user review on the product page.

$65.99 | BUY NOW – US Market
£69.99 | BUY NOW – EUROPE
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