Jan 142014

Satechi Bluetooth Smart Keypad
Improve your office with the Satechi Bluetooth Smart Keypad. The keypad connects to your iMac, MacBook or Mac Mini cables free, via Bluetooth and extends your keyboard’s functionality with a dedicated numeric keypad and a 8 functions calculator. The keypad’s design matches the Apple products style and sports a stylish brushed-aluminum finish.

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Jan 062014

Structure Sensor - The iPad 3D Scanner
3D printing is the next black! But in order to be able to print in 3D, you need some to somehow map the object’s detailed information!
Here’s where the Occipital Structure Sensor comes into the game! The Structure is an iPad addon which, once mounted, gives your favorite tablet 3D scanning superpowers!

Here are some technical specs: the Structure is powered by it’s own internal battery which allows about 4 hours of continuous usage; it has an anodized aluminum chassis which confers it a beautiful exterior as well as a thermal core that keeps the precision optics inside at an optimal temperature; dual infrared LED’s to improve vision in low light.

ALSO CHECK – Peachy – The $100 3D Printer and Scanner and the The Cube – Small Sized 3D Home Printer Form Cubify we wrote about earlier.

The Structure sensor can make room captures and can automatically calculate distance (I can only imagine how real estate agents and interior designers will go crazy about this) as well as scan object which can be reproduced/printed via 3D printers (compatible with 3D printing).

The 3D scanner was designed for full compatibility with iPvad 4th generation (via the Lightning connector) but cam also work on other iOS devices as well as on Android, Linux, Windows and osX (“Hacker” package available to order) and is available for pre-order after a successful Kickstarter campaign which helped the manufacturer raise 1.3 million USD.

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Jan 062014

Easy To Carry BackPack Stroller By QuickSmart
A good stroller needs to be practical, easy to use and strong enough to resist day-to-day usage!
While many are going for fancy high tech strollers like the Origami Power Folding Stroller by 4Moms we featured earlier, I still believe simpler beats fancier in this field! The less moving parts, the less things to break! Another aspect to take in consideration when choosing a stroller is it’s portability! Remember, there will be many times you’ll have to carry that stroller around (read: public transportation, up and down the stairs, vacations, etc …). Believe me, I went through it …!!!

Here’s where the QuickSmart Backpack Stroller comes in the game! Build for ages 6 months and up to 45 lbs (that’s around 20.5 KG), the stroller’s frame is made a rugged aluminum and steel for a lightweight design, it features a retractable canopy top to protect your kid from sun, 2 outer pockets for storing small gear and toys, a five-point harness and integrated brakes for security reasons and folds into a ready-to-carry backpack in 4 simple moves! Easy to use as a stroller, easy to carry as a backpack, the QuickSmart stroller is accepted by most airline companies as carry-on luggage, which makes airport transit easier and more comfortable for both you and your kid!

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Dec 132013

18 lbs Molten Aluminum Cast Fire Ant Colony Sculpture
Here’s a cool “natural” sculpture made by casting molten aluminum into a Fire Ant colony. The cast has 17.9 lbs (that’s 8.1 kg) and features the subsurface portion of the ant colony. Impressive how complex an ant colony can be … I wonder how they find their way around … especially without GPS!!!

Also check this amazing video featuring a Giant Ant Underground Colony structure filled with 10 tons of cement.


Dec 122013

Iron Man 3 Arc Reactor LED Coasters
Officially licensed by Marvel, the Iron Man 3 Arc Reactor Light-Up Coasters are cool table addons to make your geek parties even more geekier!!! – also check the Iron Man 3 LED Light-Up T-Shirt and the Iron Man Cycling Costume.

The coasters are made of plastic and aluminum, the LED’s are powered by 2X 3V CR2032 batteries, feature an ON/OFF switch and have a built-in timer which turns off the LED light after 5 minutes to conserve battery. These coasters will surely not fire repulser beams, so your glasses and drinks will be safe …

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Dec 022013

The Chart of Hand Tools Wall Decoration Poster
The Chart of Hand Tools is a cool wall poster designed to celebrate the tinkerers and the doers: those who build, repair, and create – also check the cool A Gentleman’s Visual Guide Of Moustaches and the Acme Corporation Complete Inventory Poster we featured earlier.
The poster is printed on 24″ x 36″ 100 lb recycled stock using brass and aluminum metallic inks. The poster features 300 hand tools drawn in five categories: tools that measure, stabilize, mark, divide and manipulate and represents a nice gift for anyone working or in love with hand tools.

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Nov 042013

Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition Collection - Orange With Wenge

Hasselblad unveiled it’s “Special Edition” models from the Stellar collection. The three new models come with Carl Zeiss lenses, full HD, 3.6X optical zoom, wide range ISO for increased image quality in low light conditions, elegant aluminum bodies with metallic controls and grips ranging from black carbon fiber to Wenge and Padouk – also check the Sigma DP3 Mirrill and the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX1.

The Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition cameras are aimed to the premium amateur and enthusiast compact cameras market and have prices ranging between $3,150 and $5,065.

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