May 252014

Arc'Teryx Blade 30 Tavel Backpack
The Arc’Teryx Blade 3o is a high quality overnight travel backpack designed to conveniently fit all gear and gadgets you need for a 2-3 days voyage.
The Blade 30 features an aluminum stay for durable support, dual-density shoulder straps with smartphone attachment hooks, padded bottom and sides offer effective protection to all your gadgets, top and side grab handles for easy transportation, thermoformed back panel for increased wearing comfort and a wide array of individual pockets and compartments, including a dedicated easy in/out internal laptop sleeve for laptops up to 17″ , to allow you effectively organize all you stuff.

While the guys from Arc’Teryx designed the Blade 30 for business travelers, this 30-liters backpack is also great for daily commuters, weekend trips as well as outdooring and camping.

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May 162014

FLOTE m2 Floor Stand Or How To Use Your Tablet Hands Free!

The Flote M2 adjustable floor tablet stand is one of the best stands money can buy.
Designed by Dave Cutler of DCS Concepts, the Flote is a premium product which follows the cool stylish design of Apple gadgets, is manufactured using high quality, resistant materials such as high-grade aluminum and solid steel and allows huge versatility in positioning, so you always get the best viewing angle and ease of usage!

The Flote M2 can be adjusted to any position. Literally! The iPad cradle features a metallic ball joint which attaches to the tablet stand via a strong magnetic mechanism allowing you to rotate the tablet and fluidly adjust it’s position to any direction. More than that, the sustaining pole rotates around it’s axe to help you get easy access when sitting down or getting up from your favorite chair (simply toss it on the side and you’re ready to pass unobstructed), the “boom” (which is the piece holding the tablet cradle) can be adjusted for the perfect height and a length extension allows easy reach when the stand can not be positioned near the sitting place.
Flote M2 Adjustable Floor Tablet - iPad Cradle The sustaining pole has a curved design for easy transportation, which, given the weight of the base, is a big plus when you need to move the stand around.

I used the Flote M2 tablet floor stand for about 2 weeks now and I must confess this is a gadget I did not know I always wanted!
My first thought was: “Why use a tablet stand when you can hold your tablet in your hands” (as most people do)!
Well … this is the part I was wrong with. Using a tablet stand means comfort! Comfort to take notes when you listen to a video tutorial on your tablet, or have the whole family in that Skype video chat (without constantly tweaking the tablet position so everyone fits in), or holding the kid in your arms when watching cartoons, or playing Candy Crash without Max the Kitten all over the tablet (yeap … that’s him, Mr Curiosity, in the user pics below), or cooking a cool recipe from the iPad without fearing flour or water damage, or fixing something by following a Youtube tutorial, or watching live sports on the tablet while still being able to manipulate the remote controller and the smartphone at the same time (yeap … I do that from time to time!!!)!
Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you can’t do any of the above without a tablet stand, I’m just saying it’s so easier to do them with the Flote M2. And I did not even imagine it before trying it!

Check out the picture gallery in the post for more details and close-up images as well as the video for a full 8 minutes hands-on review which describes all the Flote M2 features and how easy it mounts. For more information about the tablet stand or to buy one check the manufacturer site or their Amazon listing.

Also, if you’re in the market for a tablet stand but you’re looking for something smaller, more office-compatible, please check the Flote Desktop ($219.99 US) and the Flote Orbit ($129.99 US) from the same manufacturer and take advantage of a cool 10% OFF for Mother’s Month Sale (use coupon code MOMSTHEBEST to activate the discount).

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May 122014

Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle
While many electric vehicles have futuristic strange and bizarre shapes, the Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle looks so familiar while being so different!
The Johammer J1 has a retro-futuristic styling and combines classic motorcycle design elements with the modern technology! The motorcycle has an external aluminum fairing, it’s electrically powered by a 8,3 kWh or a 12,7 kWh battery, can reach speeds up to 75mph (120 KM/h) and has a road autonomy of up to 125 miles (200 km). The J1 sports an air cooled, brushless AC-engine with single-level gear. The engine and the transmission are running in an oil bath which offers lifetime lubrication and it’s maintenance free. Other than these, we notice LED headlights and tail lights, multifunctional rear-view mirrors with 2.4″ LCD screens to display all relevant trip information (speed, battery charge, etc …), electric brakes with energy recuperation and an onboard battery charger.

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Mar 272014

Cardiff S1 Skates Or How To Improve Your Skating Experience
Skating is fun, healthy and … fun again! So, when we find a cool pair of sakets designed to improve the overall skating experience, we call it a good day!
Today, we had a good day! We discovered the Cardiff Skate S1! The S1 features a 3 wheels design, an one-fits-all adjustable size, a forth back wheel which acts as break and, the coolest part about it, it does not require you to wear a special pair of bulky boots!

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The unconventional form of the S1 model comes with some cool advantages worth mentioning – improved stability (not very difficult to notice that a 3 wheels triangle design beats from a stability point of view an inline system any day); increased comfort by putting less stress on your ankles; low weight, easy storage and transport due to the bootless factor and the anodized aluminum which also confers these skates increased durability.
Given their reduced weight, their adjustable size and the fact that you can wear them over your own footwear, the Cardiff S1 is perfect for recreation, small distances transportation needs or even longer commutes!

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Feb 192014

KeySmart Or How To Organize Your Keys In A Minimalist Way

Organizing your keys was never an easy job! Most keyrings out there are only designed to keep your keys together and make sure you don’t loose them! But how about the space they take, the dangling sound of a pocket full of keys, the extra weight and bulk that come with traditional keychains?

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The KeySmart is one little gizmo set to solve all these issues! Made of aircraft aluminum with stainless steel hardware, the KeySmart is lightweight and allows you to organize your keys and keep them together in a folding pocket knife style. The coolest thing about it, apart the fact it’s build in US, is it’s modular expansion design – while the basic version can organize up to 4 keys, a simple $2 expansion post can increase the storage up to 10 keys (it can even fit an USB drive storage inside), allowing you to easily migrate between between sizes based on your needs.

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Jan 212014

Espresso Veloce V12 - The 12 Cylinder Engine Coffee Machine
Are you in love with Italian coffee and big muscle engines?

Just in case you love’em both and you have a $15,000 pile of US bills waiting patiently for a coffee machine to pick your attention – we bring you the Espresso Veloce V12 Coffe Machine Machine.

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The espressor is built with an automotive design in mind and is handcrafted from aluminum, magnesium and titanium … Just like a real race car engine!

Hurry up and make your move! The Espresso Veloce is limited to only 500 pieces!

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Jan 172014

Aluminum Minimalist Pen And Ruler Sleeve
Combining a minimalistic design with an utilitarian concept, the Tech Force Pen is designed to target tech-savvy users (read: architects, artists, students, and designers).

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The pen features a HI-Tec C Ink Cartridge which is well appreciated by the above professionals for it’s ink composition, tip design and fine line capabilities and is made of precision machined aircraft grade aluminum. The coolest part about the Tech Force Open is it’s housing sleeve – sporting a triangle design, the sleeve doubles as a metric and imperial ruler.
The pen comes in two finishes: brushed aluminum and anodized black coating and can be reserved on Kickstarter for an early bird price of $50.

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