Dec 152012

Start Well Your Day With Smiley Face Pancakes

Build in USA by Nordic Ware, the Smiley Face Pancake Pan helps you start your day with joy!
Perfect piece for your kitchen, the pan is made of heavy cast aluminum and non-stick coated for easy cleaning and it features 7 smiley different smiley faces.

The Smiley Face Pan measures:

  • Length: 17.5 in (44.45 cm)
  • Width: 10.5 in (26.67 cm)
  • Height: 2.25 in (5.72 cm)
$45 | BUY NOW
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Dec 132012

LowKey iMac USB Stand Keeps Your Keyboard Hidden 4 USB Ports

Apple makes great looking products and we love them for that. But a great looking product can only be matched with great looking accessories!

Here’s your new iMac companion. The LowKey iMac USB Stand is designed with aesthetics in mind. The beautiful aluminum stand is strong enough to safely support your iMac‘s weight while it’s low profile doubles perfectly as a storage place for your keyboard while not in use.

To make this stand more productive, a 4 USB extension hub was added on it’s right front part.

$64.99 | BUY NOW
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Nov 292012

Vi - The Wallet Card Holder Empty

There’s no shortage of minimalist wallets lately. From the RFID Waterproof Wallet to the Dodocase iPhone Pouch Wallet – everybody seems to take the slim wallet way of living more seriopusloly than in the past!

In the same spirit of light weight and size card and cash holder, the Vi features an even more simplistic concept. Simply slip your cards and cash into the holder and you’re good to go. No unfolding, no opening, no cap removing, nothing – just your cards and cash stuck together in the holder.

The Vi was designed to carry between six and eight cards, and it’s made of aircraft aluminum 6083-T6 and Nitrile Silicone Mix.

The project is open on Kickstarter and it already reached it’s capital funding.

~$24 | BUY NOW
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Nov 252012

Lazerwood Wooden Keys for Apple Keyboards Walnut

Apple products are well known for their high quality, ease of use and their beautiful shinny aluminum look. Although the shinny look has many fans out there, some might find it a bit cold.

Lazerwood came up with a solution for this. They offer a set of wooden keys, available in cherry and walnut, that with a little bit of tweaking can replace the original Apple keys on your desktop or laptop keyboards and give them the warm feel of wooden products.

Check the Lazerwood website for the complete details and the keyboard model availability.

$40 | BUY NOW
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Nov 182012

Flip n'Grip - The Minimalist RFID Secure Waterproof Wallet

Lately, more and more people are ditching the big bulky classic wallets for more slimmer minimalistic ones. From the RFID Blocking Cobra Wallet to the simple Essentials Leather Wallet – small and thin wallets tend to become tomorrow’s norm.

Today we’ll see a new concept of minimalistic wallet – the Flip n’Grip. Not only it gets to keep your cards securely, but you can also use this wallet to have some fun with it – check the video for some cool Flip n’Grip tricks.

Here are some features that set the Flip n’Grip apart from the rest of the crowd:

  • RFID blocking materials used to keep your info safe
  • Big selection of colors to choose from
  • Made of true aircraft grade aluminum
  • Self locking to keep your cards secure
  • Waterproof
  • You can attach a money clip to keep some cash or business cards
  • High resistance (check the video to see it ran over by a car)
  • Made in USA product
  • And at last … but not the least … IT’S COOL!

The project is raising money on the KickStarter website. If you like this wallet, make sure you you back up this project with a couple of bucks so the the guys behind it can make it happen.



Oct 232012

New iPad Mini From Apple

Today, Apple completed it’s iPad line with the iPad Mini.
The new Apple tablet features:

  • 7.9 inch screen
  • 1024X768 px resolution (not retina display)
  • Aluminum body
  • Weight 0.68lbs (308 grams)
  • Thickness 7.2 mm
  • Front 720p camera, back 5MP camera
  • Lightning connector
  • Available in Black or White
  • iPad Mini is lanched in 5 versions (WiFi with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB; WiFi + Cellular Data with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB)
  • Launch date: November 2nd 2012

As you can well see, there are not many technical improvement. Based on the announced specs, we feel the new iPad Mini is a smaller version of the iPad 2. Nonetheless, we appreciate Apple is covering the small tablet niche with this new addition to the iPad line.

$329-689 | BUY NOW
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Oct 232012

GloveShot High Performance Slingshot Firing

High performance slingshot offered by Montie Gear.
The GloveShot slingshot was designed keeping in mind all per-requisites for an impressive shot:

  • 16 lbs pull weight flat band
  • Exchangeable flat bands (can go up until 30-35 lbs pull weight)
  • Easy assembling and dissembling to ensure increased portability
  • The slingshot wraps to the brace with 550lbs breaking strength paracord
  • Quality Surface Finish
  • The frame is waterjet cut from aluminum for strength, and anodized black for durability
$190 | BUY NOW
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