Dec 132013

Kobe vs. Messi The Selfie Shootout - Turkish Airlines Advertising
Kobe Vs Messi – take 2! – check the first part here: Leo Messi vs Kobe Bryant: Legends On Board
Watch Kobe Bryant racing Lionel Messi in a selfie globetrotter race around the world!

As usual … I mean just as in the first part, this clip is a Turkish Airlines advertisement and it deserves a big round of applause! Check it out and let me know your thoughts int eh comments!


Nov 162013

Jean-Claude Van Damme's Volvo Epic Split - The Commercial That Makes Me Want A Volvo Truck!
Amazing Volvo commercial presenting the new Volvo FM trucks dynamic steering system. The pub stars Jean-Claude Van Damme featuring his famous split between two Volvo trucks driving rearwards!!!

At first I believed this was a cool CGI work as no stuntman is crazy enough to make a split between two driving trucks. It seems I was totally wrong … Jean-Claude Van Damme actually pulled the stunt and it seems to be 100% real!

ALSO CHECK the Casino – The Coolest Reality Show Style Advertisement, another Volvo Truck cool commercial!

““The stunt is real and is performed in just one take,” said Anders Vilhelmsson, public relations manager for the Volvo Trucks brand. “It’s a daring stunt but we had full control. There was never any real danger involved.” notes The Wall Street Journal.

Van Damme was hooked to safety lines (which are not visible in the movie) and the truck mirrors featured small platforms where he placed his feet to perform the split. Another detail – his feet were not secured to the mirrors!!!

Amazing, isn’t it? What’s your take on it?


Oct 302013

Interactive Advertising - Is This Cool Or What

Tipp-Ex is a correction tape manufacturer. That’s it. Nothing cool about it. Nothing amazing or viral or exciting about this product. Don’t get me wrong, I use Tipp-Ex myself and I have to agree it’s a very good correction tape. But … that’s it. Boring.

So what would you do if you was the band manager for Tipp-Ex and had to make a cool commercial that would make people go crazy about the correction tape??? Check out this interactive video to see what actually happened and how a correction tape advertising reached 22 million views on YouTube! The campaign is from 2010, but it’s still an amazing proof of what creativity can pull even if the product is boring.
iPhone and iPad users – this might not function properly on your devices … Thank Mr Jobs for this as he refused to include flash on his devices.

If you can’t play the vid, please bookmark it, share it on Facebook or send yourself the link by email and check it out on your PC/Mac. This is way too cool to be missed!



Oct 262013

Cool Major Coffee Machines Manufacturer Advertisement - Not For The Faint-Hearted - You've Been Warned!
It’s that time again when we play a cool advertisement – also check the Milano Downtown Crashing Submarine and the Poo-Pourri Toilet Deodorizer Pub.
This time I chose a K-Fee advertisement. K-Fee is a coffee machine manufacturer based in Germany. Think well before playing the video. It’s not for the faint-heated! I am not joking….

Oct 032013

Europ Assistance Italia Protect Your Life Ad Campaign Managed by Ad Agency MC Saatchi

Here’s a nice example of cool advertising featuring an offline orchestrated news-like event which takes off and goes viral in social media assuring a lot of exposure to the advertiser – also check the LG Meteor Prank, the NY Powerball Lottery ad and the TNT “Your Daily Dose Of Drama” advert.

On October 1st world’s fashion center Milan was hit by an intriguing situation. A submarine surfaced and crashed through the city’s streets creating a lot of confusion between tourists and locals. In the following minutes, the entire scene became crowded by paramedics, firefighters, police and other governmental services.

The good news is that this didn’t really happen and Milan citizens are safe. The entire scene was a cool advertising scene imagined and orchestrated by the ad agency M&C Saatchi and it was part of the Protect Your Life ad campaign promoting their Italian insurance company customer Europ Assistance IT.

The entire campaign was sustained by social media, the event going viral under the hash tag #L1F3.



Sep 142013

Girls Don't Poop - Cool Advertisement From Poo-Pourri, A Before-You-Go Toilet Deodorizer

In the mood for another cool commercial?
Check how a cool vid and a nice advertising campaign can serve to increase sales of a Toilet Deodorizer.

Poo-Pourri is a real product and is available for purchase on Amazon. So, as the vid says – “whether you need to pinch a loaf at work, cut a rope at a party or lay a brick at your boyfriend’s” Poo-Pourri ‘s “business is to make it smell like your business never even happened”!!!

Cool … I am still laughing ….

$10.05 | BUY NOW


Sep 092013

LG Meteor Prank - LG Commercial Advertising 4K UHD Lechnology
Here’s a cool way LG decided to advertise their latest UHD (Ultra HD) TV’s.
They set up an interview room, placed a 84-in LG UHD TV where the room window was supposed to be and played some city screenshots. But wait, in the middle of the interview, the sky starts to burn …
I hate to ruin the clip and tell you what happens further. Check out the vid to see how this cool prank ends ….

Cheaper On Amazon?
[…Thanks Gabi A. For Sharing]


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