Feb 052014

Honest Slogans By Cliff Dickens - Harley Davidson Motorcycles
Sometimes advertising implies a certain level of information alteration! Obviously, it’s all done for the honorable purpose of bringing the product to the markets and assure consumers adopt it in a speedy manner.
Cliff Dickens of Honest Slogans took the time to re-work some of the most iconic American brands slogans to include some cool, funny quotes which are more or less related to the real world!
Hilarious! Nice job Cliff!



Jan 302014

How To Get A Hot Tutor Do Stuff She Wouldn't Do Otherwise ...
Now that I got your attention … Check out this cool commercial for Schneider Electric’s “Wiser” remote-controlled home management system – also check these cool commercials: CPR Can Save A Life … Here’s A Cool Way To Learn It (Only 1 min 45 sec To Get Your Degree!) and Is This The Best Anti-Smoking Ad Ever???.

While promoting a boring product as home heating might be challenging for most advertising professionals out there, the French guys over Les Télécréateurs nailed this one pretty well!

Cheaper On Amazon?


Jan 242014

Cool Axe 2014 Super Bowl Commercial - Heres Axe Way Of Saying Make Love Not War
The “Make love, not war” slogan comes from back in the 60’s when it was mainly used in anti Vietnam war demonstrations. Today, 40 years after the Vietnam war, the “Make love, not war” slogan still raises attention. Check out this cool Axe advertising around this theme …


Jan 222014

CPR Can Save A Life ... Here's A Cool Way To Learn It Only 1 min 45 sec To Get Your Degree
After a cool Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation advertising campaign to raise awareness on the importance of CPR (watch the campaign video here: CPR Undeads the Dead), it’s British Heart Foundation‘s turn to bring our attention to benefits of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Watch Vinnie Jones teaching Hands-only CPR on the rhythm of Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees.


Jan 162014

Devil Baby Prank Advertises Devil's Due A 20th Century Fox Low-Budget Production
Youtube becomes more and more the preferred social media network of advertisers looking to hit big audiences in short periods of time. A well done creative Youtube clip can can become viral and reach tens of millions of users in just a couple of days. And all this for … free! Imagine that!

ALSO CHECK these cool viral Youtube advertising campaigns: Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Volvo Epic Split – The Commercial That Makes Me Want A Volvo Truck! (over 67 millions Youtube views); Girls Don’t Poop – Cool Advertisement From Poo-Pourri, A Before-You-Go Toilet Deodorizer (over 22 million Youtube views); the Interactive Advertising – Is This Cool Or What … [NSFW] (over 21 millions views).

The last of these amazing Youtube guerrilla marketing campaigns is the “Devil Baby”, a prank advertising clip for the 20th Century Fox‘s low-budget horror movie Devil’s Due. The guys being this “prankvertising” campaign built a remote-controlled stroller and a horrifying demonic baby robot that all of a sudden sits up and scares people approaching him. Watch the vid and enjoy …



Jan 102014

Smoking Kid by Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok For Thai Health Promotion Foundation - Is This He Best Anti-Smoking Ad Ever
Having a rough time to quit smoking? If you do so or even if you don’t but you have a couple of seconds for a cool video, check out this cool advertising vid made by Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. The vid uses kids to help people take the decision to stop smoking.


Dec 292013

Drama Queen Young Director Award Hilarious Commercial
You know we like cool commercials here @!

ALSO CHECK – “Kobe vs. Messi: The Selfie Shootout” – Turkish Airlines Advertising and the Interactive Advertising – Is This Cool Or What … [NSFW]

Here’s an oldie but goodie … The 2010 Young Director Award.
Don’t judge it by it’s age … Enjoy it and … think twice before pushing your kid to become a director!


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