Feb 282014

Superhero Hoodies - Spiderman Top Hoodie

Superhero Hoodies - Batman, Epyon, Deatchscythe Hooded Jackets

Superhero Hoodies - Batman Beyond Villain Hoodies

Superhero Hoodies - Batman Beyond, Deadpool, Black Adam hoodie

Superhero Hoodies - Robin, Zealot, Goku Versions Hoodie

Superhero Hoodies - Marine, Spawn, Robin Hooded Jackets

Superhero Hoodies - Harley Quinn, Kratos, Max Da Costa, Sbynther And Scizor Vibrant Color Hoodies

This amazing collection of superhero hoodies drawn by DeviantArt user SevenThirtyTwo is not for sale! Imagine that! I would grab a couple of them with my eyes closed, but unfortunately they were not manufactured … yet! I am not even sure if they will ever hit the markets, but I really hope they do!

While we’re patiently waiting for this to happen, take a minute and check these other cool superhero pieces of clothing here: Official Marvel Iron Man 3 LED Light-Up T-Shirt, Superhero Muscle T-Shirts by Under Armour and the Nike Air Force 1 Iron Man!

UPDATE 09/16/2014 – Thanks @Hana for letting us know that one of these cool hoodies is up for sale on the BetaBrand crowdfunding platform under the Mercenary Hoodie name.

Mens Military Gray Mercenary Deathstroke Hoodie by seventhirtytwo

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  8 Responses to “Cool Superhero Hoodies! Amazing Job But … Not For Sale?”

  1. They all look awsome it should be at least 36$ and at most 45$ remember there hoodies not leather jackets or whatever cost the most

  2. donde puedo comprar

    • The hoodies are simple design concepts. There is a discussion about starting to manufacture them, but, as of now, the designer did not start the process yet. Sorry.
      Check the link in the article and follow him to get his news.

  3. Thank you for your find. I believe these will be made soon the poor kids been trying.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE them all, as one poster said

    “I will wear them like a second skin”

    Just like a superhero

    Cool deal Emil

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