Apr 302013

Teva Pivot Clipless Mountain Bike Shoes Black , Light Grey With Red Borders

Teva Pivot Clipless Mountain Bike Shoes Black, Top, Side, Outsole, Insole

The Teva Pivot Clipless Shoe is a nice piece of biking equipment for the mountain biker in you.
Born from the partnership between the shoe manufacturer Teva and world class free-ride mountain biker Jeff Lenosky, the Pivot Clipless Shoe was designed to help mountain bikers ease their ascent and support them through the full pedaling motion. Here are some of their features/specs:

  • Compatible with major 2-bolt attachment systems
  • Quick adjustments can be made while it is attached to the pedal
  • Nice look (on and off the bike)
  • Hook strap designed to keep your laces away from the chain
  • The Spider365 Rubber outsole offers great grip in any kind of environments
  • Composite midsole plate for pedaling efficiency and walk-ability

If you’re seriously into mountain biking, you should stop by a minute and take a closer look at Teva Pivot Clipless Shoes. They’ve got positive reviews online, and their price is pretty decent considering these are very niche-targeted sport shoes.

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