Apr 022013

Nike Free 5.0 - The Running Shoe That Makes Running Feel Natural Barefoot-Like

Nike Free 5.0+ - Side, Flywire Mesh, Nike+ Running - Side, Top, Inside View, Insole, Outsole

Nike 5.0+ Mens Running Shoes. Blue, Gray, Red, Yellow, Black, Green

The Nike Free 5.0+ are built to make you feel like running barefoot. Here are some of their main features specifically designed to help you train better:

  • Nike+ Ready – use your existing Nike+ gear (iphone and Android app, Nike+ SportWatch, SportBand, FuelBand, etc …) with the Free 5.0
  • Nike Free Technology – Nike’s barefoot training gear developped by studying the biomechanics of shoeless running at the Stanford University
  • Increased outsole flexibility
  • Low profile heel
  • Flywire textured mesh sleeve for supportive fit
  • Diagonal cuts through the arch to emulate the natural motion

The Nike Free 5.0 comes in 6 predefined color choices, plus an option to customize your model upon your taste.

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