Feb 022013

Matte Black RG-1 Core Ski and Snowboard Helmet With HG-1 Anti-fog Goggles

RG-1 Core Matte Black Helmet - High Impact ABS, EPS Shock Absorber

RG-1 Core Ski and Snowboard Matte Black Helmet - Shell, Comfort Liner, Helmet Jaw Guard, Goggle and Ski Mask

Ruroc Sports is a leading British company specialized in full face and head protection for ski and snowboard lovers. Their patented helmet system was even modified for F1 pit crew use and used by teams like McLaren and Red Bull.

The newest addition to their RG-1 patented winter sports helmet line, is the RG-1 Core. The helmet is a lightweight, offers high protection and it’s specifically designed for Freestyle skiers and snowboarders. Here are are some of the Matte Black RG-1 Core system:

  • Double Shell top – High impact ABS shell outer shell and an EPS shock absorber inner shell
  • Lower padding comfort liner helps keeping the helmet stable in case of accident
  • Helmet jaw guard lower shell made as well of high impact ABS and offers protection for the jaw and the ears
  • Detachable front mask with vent systems to prevent breath entering into the goggles.

The RG-1 Core comes in Matte Black with the front mask as well as the HG-1 anti-fog goggles, and offers “unparalleled levels of protection on the slopes” based on the Ruroc product description.

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  5 Responses to “Matte Black RG-1 Core Ski & Snowboard Helmet by Ruroc Sports”

  1. I've bought it and after testing it I regret my move… could have been a good helmet BUT really too small (I've taken the bigger version).
    difficult to breath and the clipping system is sometimes difficult to use.
    It is also really warm, wich is good for eastern Quebec but not sure it is good in warmer region.
    Goggle are also average…

    • Thanks for the feedback… Sorry to hear… I was just about to order one for my 8 years old son. Do they have a return policy?

    • Update to my previous reply :
      I had the chance to try the new version of Ruroc helmet, the RG1-DX it fits now perfectly to my head, and the new goggle system work perfecly.
      thanks to Ruroc and it’s outstanding customer service that allows me to change my mind.
      the new model is really a major improvement and the XL size is now perfect for me

  2. Dommage qu’ ils ne fassent pas les mêmes pour hommes euh… pardon ! pour motards

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