Feb 162013

Asics Men's Kinsei 4 Running Shoe - Black, White, Gold, Mosaic, Neon, Orange, Lightning, Red, Lime, Royal, Blue, Green

Asics Men's Kinsei 4 Running Shoe - Personalized Heel Fit Technology, Gel, ComforDry

Asics Men's Kinsei 4 Running Shoe Front (toe) and Back (Heel) View

Everybody knows that in order to exercise efficiently (without getting injuries) you need good gear.
Asics is a Japanese athletic manufacturer that produces high quality sport equipment for most sports out there. Their are especially renowned for volley-ball and jogging gear.

The Men’s Kinsei 4 is one of their top running shoes line. The shoes come in a multitude of color combinations and feature:

  • Made of synthetic and fabric
  • Rubber outsole with premium grip
  • The Asics ASICS Men’s Kinsei 4 Jogging Shoes have Personalized Heel Fit Technology (2 layers of memory foam will “learn” your heel’s shape for increased comfort
  • Biomorphic Fit design – the usage of stretch materials provides a perfect fit around your feet)
  • Gel cushioning system
  • ComforDry sockliner – amazing moisture management to keep your feet as dry as possible
  • Model: Asics GEL-KINSEI 4-M
$184+ | BUY NOW – US Market


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  2 Responses to “Asics Men’s Kinsei 4 -The Running Shoe That Will Get You Back In Shape”

  1. never enjoy running so much.

  2. Indeed … Asics does great running products …

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