Nov 132013

Transform Your Old Bicycle Into An Electric Commuter Bike With This Smart Wheel

FlyKly Smart Wheel Electric Bike Pedal Assist - Width, Hight Mounted on Wheel

Electric bikes become more and more popular every day. And for good reason – they’re cheap to maintain, cheap on energy consumption, do not require much parking space and have a reasonable transport speed for daily commuting. Also check these cool electric scooters we featured earlier: Voltitude Foldable Electric Scooter and the Moveo.

There are two ways to get into the electric bike commuting bandwagon – the first is the classical way: buy an electric bike (dah!!!). The second option is to upgrade your existing bike and equip it with electric propulsion. Just as the Rubbee Electrical Wheel Drive, the FlyKly Smart Wheel is designed to upgrade your existing bike and improve your riding experience by reducing the physical legwork to ride your bike!

Simply remove your bicycle’s back wheel, mount the FlyKly Smart Wheel in it’s place and you’re ready to ride. The smart wheel is compatible with most bikes out-there and can be controlled and monitored via a free smartphone app (iOS, Android and Pebble compatible). Here’s how the guys from FlyKly describe their propulsion system:

Smart Wheel is a pedal assist which means it helps you ride your bike effortlessly. The motor turns on when you start pedaling and begins accelerating to your desired speed. It stops when you stop. It saves you time by getting you to your destination faster and gets you there without losing your breath or breaking a sweat. There’s no need to worry about what to wear to that business meeting or 8 o’clock date.”

The FlyKly is in project mode at Kickstarter and you can procure one for the introductory price of $590.

$590 | BUY NOW
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