Dec 152013

Andreas Bergerforth's Thunderbike Unbreakable Harley Davidson Sign Showcase

Thunderbike Unbreakable - Front Wheel, Fork, Handle Bar

Thunderbike Unbreakable By And Andreas Bergerforth - Detailing

The Thunderbike Unbreakable it’s an astonishing piece of custom bike German engineering. Built by Andreas Bergerforth Thunderbike custom motorcycle shop, the Unbreakable won the Best Custom & Best in Show at Arneitz and the 1st Place at the European Bike Week in Faak, both in Austria – also check these cool customs we featured earlier – Triumph Speed Racer, the Choppershotz 1982 Yamaha Virago and the Zero Engineering Type 9 Motorcycle.

Other than the super cool design, the Thunderbike Unbreakable comes with a dual 340mm rotors 26″ front wheel, a 260mm Buel rotor rear wheel, is powered by a 110cui 100 HP Screamin’ Eagle EFI H-D engine mated to a 6-speed H-D transmission and a NH-power clutch. It took the German shop 6 months of work to manually design and manufacture all the bike’s parts and complete the final assembly, but we can surely say that this is one of the coolest bikes we’ve seen around.

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