Jun 152013

The Mountain Monk - The Folding Mountain Bike Designed To Be Carried As A Regular Backpack

Mountain monk - The folding Mountain Bike - How to Fold-Unfold

Mountain Monk - Uphill as Backpack, Downhill as Mountain Bike - Real Usage Pics

Built in the same spirit as the Mantague Paratrooper Folding Bike, the Mountain Monk allows easy storage and easy back transportation where the terrain does not allow you to ride it.

The bike system ingeniously folds and transforms into a compact backpack which allows mountaineers to climb, walk and hike their way and freely use their both hands for other activities. The Mountain Monk not only speeds your downhill, built also pretects your health from knee, hips, shoulders and other muscle injuries.
While walking downhill, our joints have to cope with several times the amount of our own weight – the legs have to slow down the downhill movement of the body with every step. And everybody knows the consequences: tired muscles and aching knees. Walking safely is not guaranteed anymore.[…] Studies show that 67% of all mountaineers have knee troubles, followed by injured ankles, hips, shoulders or even damages to the spinal column. Taking the “Bergmönch” with you, solves these problems, as you wheel downhill, taking care of your joints.” [extracted from the Mountain Monk press-release].

Let me hear your comments below. What are your thoughts in regards of the Mountain Monk foldable bike concept? Would you use one for your downhills or you’d prefer walking your way down when mountaineering?

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