Jan 092014

SoloWheel Or How To Commute In Style And Be Allowed With Your Ride In The Public Transport

Inventist Solowheel - Black, White And Folded For Storage And Transport

The SoloWheel is an advanced electric unicycle which allows you to commute in a more cooler, easier and greener way.

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Here’s how it works: charge the unit first, hop onto it, steer with your feet and lean forward and backward to speed-up or slow-down. The Solowheel is equipped with gyro-sensors which will record your movements and translate them into commands for the electric engine!

One of the coolest things about the Investit’s SoloWheel is the fact that you can easily store it and transport it to your office, home or even in public transportation. The unicycle weights 26-lbs (that’s almost 12kg) and runs for about 10 miles (that’s about 16 km) on 1 hour charge.

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