Aug 212013

Rinspeed sQuba - Zero-Emission Submarine Sport Car

Rinspeed sQuba - The Submersible Electric Convertible Sport Car

Drive it! Sail it! Dive it!
The Rinspeed sQuba can do them all in style! The convertible sport car is powered by a zero-emission electric engine (powered by rechargeable Li-Io batteries) and has underwater diving capabilities which transform it into a veritable submarine!

The sQuba can drive on regular roads like any other car ( it’s top speed is 75 mph or 120km/h), can sail like a boat (on the water speed is topped at 3.7mph or 6km/h) and can dive like a little submarine (in the water speed is topped at 1.8 mph or 3 km/h and can reach a diving depth of maximum 10 meters).

Here’s the way it actually works – drive the sQuba into the water and it will float. Open the doors to let the water in and it will dive. The occupants breathing air is supplied by an integrated tank of compressed air.
The sQuba was first announced back in 2008 for a base price of $47,250 US. Although there were several requests from buyers, Rinspeed founder Frank M. Rinderknecht decided against building the vehicle himself as the project would cost over1.5 million to develop.

Let’s hear you in the comments – what’s your take on this James Bondish vehicle?

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