Oct 042013

QTvan - Electric Scooter Camper Trailer

QTvan -  Bike Camper Trailer

QTvan -  Camper Trailer Interior

QTvan is a cool one person RV designed by ETA (UK’s Environmental Transport Association) to be pulled by bikes and electric scooters – also check the Colim Detachable RV Concept.

The camper trailer is 2 meters long and 75 centimeters wide and features a 19″ TV, radio, alarm clock and book shelves. The trailer was released back in 2011, it was advertised as a £5,500 (that’s about $8,800 US) “mobility scooter caravan built to beat Royal Wedding queues” and it is considered the smallest RV available for purchase on the market.

$8,800 | BUY NOW
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