Jun 112013

Mokai ES-Kape - The Modular Jet Propelled Kayak

Mokai Jet Kayak In Action - On River, On The Shore

Mokai Subaru EX21 Propelled Jet Kayak Technical Details

Here’s how Mokai present their company story “The MOKAI® watercraft idea was born from the need to provide a product that allowed fishermen, hunters and explorers a craft that granted access to those hard to reach upstream or shallow area locations. It had to be lightweight, durable, easy to transport, environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient.

Mokay‘s latest watercraft is the ES-Kape jet propelled kayak. The ES-Kape has a modular design which allows easy transportation, storage and cleaning. The kayak is composed of 3 pieces (bow section, cockpit and stern which also includes the engine) and, based on the manufacturer, can easily be transported inside of a full size SUV when in nested configuration.

The ES-Kape is propelled by a Subaru 4 strokes engine which outputs 7hp, allows 8 hours of running on the included 3 gallon fuel tank and is available for delivery as of June 2013 for $4,800 US.

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  1. Sure looks good, but at $5,000 someone would have to give me one. I’ll start saving my pennies.

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