Oct 242013

Mattracks Powerboard Allows You To Ride The Snow Like A Boss

Mattracks Powerboard - Snow RidingB User Image Collage

Mattracks Powerboard - Technical Specs And Explanations

Enjoy the snow and have fun with the Gas Powered Snowboard. Able of speeds up to 18 mph (that’s about 29 km/h), the Mattracks Powerboard features an 6 and 1/2 hp four cycle gasoline engine which can operate up to two hours on 3/4 gallon of gasoline (that’s close to 3 liters) – also check the DTC Shredder personal all terrain (including snow and ice) vehicle we featured earlier.

The Powerboard frame is made of high density ABS and features two cleated footpads which provide secure standing while roaming around. The board’s custom design offers great snow flotation – “The long wide track provides flotation on the snow much like the effect of snowshoes, keeping the PowerBoard and rider cruising over a cushion of snow” as well as easy snow carving – “Carving through the snow is as simple as leaning your body towards the direction you want to travel”.

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