Sep 232013

HMK 561 - New Carbon Fiber Electric Motorbike Concept by Ralf Kittmann

HMK 561 Advance Carbon Fiber Electric Bike by Ralf Kittmann - Front View

Ralf Kittmann HMK 561 Electric Bike Concept - Real Life Pics

Yanko design artist Ralf Kittmann shares a cool electric motorbike concept – also check other cool concept gear.
The HMK 561 is a carbon fiber bike designed on an innovative concept: the electrical power sits inside the carbon frame which, due to it’s high electrical conductibility, also serves as power distribution network.

The HMK 561 uses a “counter-turning axle in lieu of gears and chains“, axle which transfers power to the the wheel by direct friction (the axle passes between the two rims and, by it’s cylindrical movement, turns the wheels allowing the bike to advance).

This is a very nice electrical bike concept. The fact that there’s already an working prototype built on this concept assures me on it’s feasibility and allows me to hope to see this beauty on the streets someday.

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