Jul 252013

Hennessey Corvette C7 HPE1000 - The 1,000 HP Street Legal Road Beast!

Hennessey Chevrolet Corvette C7 HPE1000, HPE800, HPE700, HPE600

TopGear USA said about Hennessey Performance – “Hennessey is a Texas tuning shop famous for creating Texas-sized horsepower numbers and for modifying super cars that will steal a Bugatti Veyron’s lunch money.

Just as the 2013 CTS VR1200 Cadillac we featured earlier, the Corvette HPE1000 is Hennessey’s tweaked version of the regular Corvette C7.

The Stingray comes with a twin turbo kit, forged aluminum pistons, a custom camshaft, high flow cylinder heads, forged steel crank and rods, Bremobo breaks, Penske suspension and a custom intake, exhaust and fuel system. All this upgrades make the Corvette HPE1000 delivers an amazing 1,000 bhp @ 6,300 rpm.

On the esthetically side, the Hennesey C7 can be upgraded with the CarboAero body kit which improves the car’s aerodynamics at high speeds, monoblock wheels with Michelin high-performance sport tires.,

The 1,000 HP version will set you back $67,950 over the price of the regular C7. If 1,000 HP is just too much for you, there are three lower power versions available – Twin Turbo 800 HP HPE800 ($64.950), and the Supercharged HPE700 ($18,450) and HPE600 ($12,495). All versions are street legal.

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