Nov 082013

Handmade In US - E-Flyer Electric Bike By Icon

E-Flyer Electric Bike By Icon - Side View, Seat, Handlebar and Front Light

ICON E-Flyer Electric Bike =- Electric Motor, Front Wheel And Back Wheel Brakes

Icon, the California based handmade vehicle manufacturer, just released their latest product – the Icon E-Flyer Electric Bike – also check the Rubbee Electric Drive which allows you to transform any regular bicycle into an electric bike.

The E-Flyer features a retro design hydroformed aluminum frame which confers the bike durability and light weight (only 57 lbs – 25.8 Kg), Avid BB7R brakes, CREE LED Headlight and a 3,500 watt Brushless DC Hub-Motor powered by a rechargeable 750 watts power cell (a race mode is available with power up to 3,500 watts). The E-Flyer reaches speeds up to 20 mph (32km/h) in street mode and 36mph (58 km/h) in race mode with a road range of 30-35 miles (that’s 48-56 km). But you don’t have to worry about the range: the E-Flyer charges in about 2 hours and, with a weight of only 25 kilograms (57 pounds) – which is a tad more than what an average mountain bike out-there weights – you can easily pedal your way home if needed.

For all you “Buy American” fans out-there … Did I mention the Icon E-Flyer is handmade in California, US?

Let’s hear you in the comments… What’s you take on the E-Flyer? Are Electric Bikes a viable alternative for individual daily commutes?

$4,995 | BUY NOW
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  One Response to “Handmade E-Flyer Electric Bike By Icon”

  1. Nice looking bike. Sadly the price puts it out of my reach.

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