Oct 142013

Ghe-O Motors Rescue - The Ultimate Utilitarian Vehicle For Extreme Weather And Terrain

Ghe-o Rescue From Ghe-O Motors Towing A Hummer In Snow

Ghe-o Motors Rescue All Terrain Vehicle Equipped With Snow Tracks

Ghe-O Motors is a Romanian company specialized in Offroad vehicles. Their latest utilitarian vehicle fully designed and built in Romania, the Ghe-O Rescue, was conceived to support the population living in areas affected by extreme weather and natural calamities – also check the Mercedes G63 6X6 Desert Beast and the TrackNGo System that allows transforming your pickup in a snowmobile.

Here are some of the Ghe-O Motors Rescue‘s impressive specs:

  • Personnel transport capabilities – 11 persons
  • Heavy-duty transmission with lockable axles
  • Two versions gas engine available (340hp and 500hp)
  • Two diesel engine versions (218hp and 304hp)
  • Size: 5.2-meters long (204.7-in), 2.7-m (106.3-in) wide, 2.39-m (94.1-in) tall, weighs 3.2 tons (6,400 lbs)
  • Wide terrain versatility and interoperability by mounting optional accessories such us snow tracks, pneumatic pillows on wheels to add water, snow and mud floating capabilities, snow and mud plows, water pumps for firefighting, foldable roof-mounted cargo space, medical transport and a passenger trailer

For an impressive demonstration of the Ghe-o Motors Rescue capabilities check the two videos below. The first video in an overview of the Rescue performing in various terrains while the second clip is featuring the Ghe-O vs a Hummer 1 on a snowy track.



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