Feb 132013

DTV Shredder - Human or Remote Controlled Personal All Terrain Vehicle

DTV Shredder - All Terrain, Mud, Snow, Ice, Sand, March, Rocky Terrain, Mounts 40 Degrees Slopes

A while back we featured the Track N Go addon which transforms your truck into an all terrain beast. While this is fun for a truck, we always wondered when we’ll we see something like that in the skateboard world! That time has come …

DTV stands for Dual Tracked Vehicle and it is a Segway / skateboard type personal vehicle with all terrain capabilities. The DTV is powered by a 196cc engine which outputs 18 HP and is capable of speeds up to 30 MPH (nearly 50 KMH) on virtually any terrain (mud, snow, grass, ice, rocky terrain) as well as traveling up slopes of up to 40 degrees.

The DTV’s drive terrain is assured by tank type tracks, and it is operated much like a skateboard – side leaning for turning – while a hand brake lever is used to slow down or stop the Shredder and help the steering.

The DTV can be used for fun, but also have impressive utilitarian capabilities – fold the steering handle down and operate the Shredder via a remote controller for access in remote spots.

Go to the product page to watch a movie featuring the DTV Shredder in action.

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