May 082013

Audi Motorrad Motorcycle Concept Side View

Audi Motorcycle Concept Front, Headlights, Back, Back Tail, Front, Handle

Audi Motorrad Motorbike Concept - Building Design

The Audi Motorrad concept was created by the French Devauze brothers (Thibault and Marc) and modeler Clement Couvreur. While there is no info available either Audi will get into the motorcycle business or not, there are a couple of factors that make you wonder … The German competition, BMW, is in the moto business too; Audi has the technology since 2012 when they bought the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducatti and at last, but not the least, the Motorrand concept looks exactly as an Audi motor bike should look!

So, let me know your thoughts in the comments… Should you be a bike lover, would you go for a new release on the market, something like this Audi motorcycle, or would you stick with existing brands that proved their name in the moto business?



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