Oct 142013

Voltitude Foldable Electric Scooter
Voltitude V1 is a Swiss-made foldable electric scooter designed to make city commuters life easier. The scooter sports a 250 watt motor and it’s powered by a 11.6Ah rechargeable battery (it takes 4 hours to reach 80% charge and 6 hours for a complete charge cycle) which allows a commuting range of around 25-mi (40 km) with speeds up to 16 mph (25 km/h) – also check the Moveo Folding Electric Scooter and the Foldable Backpack Scooter we featured earlier.

The Voltitude V1 folds and unfolds in 1 second (literally) and it’s compact shape (when folded) only takes 24-in x 33-in (60cm x 85cm) space volume making it a friendly companion for your apartment, office and even public transport. The electric scooter weights an impressive 27.5 kg (that 60.6 pounds) and is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes (Shimano), 7-speed transmission gearbox (Shimano Nexus 7) with grip-shift, detachable waterproof front bag, stand-up wheels for easy rolling and high power LED headlights.

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Oct 142013

A Gentlemans Visual Guide Of Moustaches y Charley Chartwell

Featuring 50 mustache styles printed on a 18×24 poster, the A Visual Treasury Of Moustaches is a “salute to upper lip grandeur” and is an ideal gift “for moustache experts and beginners, as well as clean-shaven fans of the glorious ‘stache“.

The prints are made of vegetable ink lithograph pressed on 100lb. recycled paper. Made and shipped from US.

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Oct 142013

1 Gallon Stainless Steel Flask By Maxam

Either you’re into booze sneaking flask like the Wallet Flask and the iFlask iPhone Disguised Flask, cool utilitarian flasks as the Built-In Shot Glass Flask or the Cigar Holder Hip Flask or any other kind of flasks you need to make yourself a favor and stop by to check out the 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Flask.
While there’s not much to say about it, I can mention it carries 1 gallon of your favorite booze (that’s about 3.7 liters), it has an brushed exterior finish and I can assure you that it will not let you down next time you’re throwing a party!

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Oct 142013

Ghe-O Motors Rescue - The Ultimate Utilitarian Vehicle For Extreme Weather And Terrain

Ghe-O Motors is a Romanian company specialized in Offroad vehicles. Their latest utilitarian vehicle fully designed and built in Romania, the Ghe-O Rescue, was conceived to support the population living in areas affected by extreme weather and natural calamities – also check the Mercedes G63 6X6 Desert Beast and the TrackNGo System that allows transforming your pickup in a snowmobile.

Here are some of the Ghe-O Motors Rescue‘s impressive specs:

  • Personnel transport capabilities – 11 persons
  • Heavy-duty transmission with lockable axles
  • Two versions gas engine available (340hp and 500hp)
  • Two diesel engine versions (218hp and 304hp)
  • Size: 5.2-meters long (204.7-in), 2.7-m (106.3-in) wide, 2.39-m (94.1-in) tall, weighs 3.2 tons (6,400 lbs)
  • Wide terrain versatility and interoperability by mounting optional accessories such us snow tracks, pneumatic pillows on wheels to add water, snow and mud floating capabilities, snow and mud plows, water pumps for firefighting, foldable roof-mounted cargo space, medical transport and a passenger trailer

For an impressive demonstration of the Ghe-o Motors Rescue capabilities check the two videos below. The first video in an overview of the Rescue performing in various terrains while the second clip is featuring the Ghe-O vs a Hummer 1 on a snowy track.



Oct 142013

HP Chromebook 11 - Yellow, Green, Red, Blue

Chromebooks are perfect when you need a laptop just for simple things such as writing a couple of emails, sharing some cool stuff on social media, watching Youtube clips and creating and editing Office documents, playing some simple games and basically any other task that can be accomplished in a browser -

HP’s last 11.6-in Chromebook comes packed with a lot of cool features to make your browsing and work experience more pleasant:

  • 11.6 IPS screen wit 1366×768 pixel resolution
  • Two USB 2.0 ports and MicroUSB charging (this means you can use your smartphone’s charger to power your laptop)!
  • 2GB (4x 4Gbit) DDR3 RAM, 16GB Solid State Drive – just enough for your daily needs
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 6 hours of active use
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi

Google also throws in some cool perks to convince you to give the Chromebooks a try: 100 GB Google Drive cloud storage, free for two years, 60-day free trial with Google Play Music All Access, and $9.99 per month after that, 12 free sessions of GoGo Inflight Internet.

Let’s hear you in the comments – what’s your take on Chromebooks – would use them for you light computing needs?

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Oct 132013

CoolPile.com Best Posts

Here’s a quick digest of the past week’s posts on CoolPile.com – October 7th to October 13th, 2013:

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Oct 122013

Swiss Tech Hand Mount Tool Light Or How To Work In Tight And Dark Environments
Working in tight and dark places sucks. Not only you don’t get enough space to work but most of the times you have to go blind-way as there’s not enough light to properly see what you’re doing.

While tools like the LED illuminating wrenches will help you accomplish specific tasks what about the rest of the job? Here’s where the Swiss+Tech ST33365 comes in your help. The ST33365 is a hand mount flashlight that attaches to your hand in about a second and lights the piece you’re working on. The flashlight features a powerful LED powered by 2 replaceable CR1025 batteries (the batteries are included) and is adjustable to fit both left and right hands. The only downsize is that it uses classic batteries and not rechargeable ones, but on the positive side CR1025 batteries are not that expensive on Amazon.

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