Apr 162014

Conqueror UEV-440 - The Ultimate Camper Trailer
The Conqueror UEV-440 is one of the best equipped caper trailers out there.
Here’s what Conqueror Australia, the manufacturer of the USV-440, says about it:
The UEV-440 is a true Jack of all trades, it offers the maneuverability and capability of a camper trailer as well as caravan benefits such as a hard roof, sides and floor.
The 440 has a number of sleeping arrangements to suit both couples and families.
With luxuries such as diesel hot water system, interior heating, air-conditioning, microwave, shower, fridge/freezer, full kitchen complete with cutlery and crockery and even a flat screen DVD player you will fall in love with this truly ultimate off-road camper.”

Not much to ad! Enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts in the comments below…

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Apr 162014

Spiderman Cycling Short Sleeve Costume

The Baleaf Short Sleeve Cycling is designed in pure Spiderman style. While the suits do not seem to be officially licensed by Marvel, they still look cool.

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The costume is made of Polyester and Lycra (Shirt: 100% Polyester Shorts: 80%Polyester 20% Lycra) which offers good excellent air breathability and features a body stretch fit which helps reduce drag when cycling. The shirt sports three backpockets for small gear.
Available in classic red/blue (Spiderman style) and black (Symbiote style).

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Apr 152014

The Lawn Chair Or How To Enjoy A Quiet Sunday Afternoon Reading Your Favorite Book In The Courtyard
Nothing can beat a quit reading session in a late Sunday afternoon … Well, there are a couple of things that can beat that, but a good book in the courtyard is still a strong contender to win the big prize!

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And, as we live in the digital ages on the 21st century, why not enjoy your favorite book on your favorite tablet or e-book reader?
The Tablet Lawn Chair is designed to help you spend quality time reading (or playing a game, why not?) and enjoy a bit of nature at the same time. The portable picnic chair folds and unfolds in seconds and features 2 side pockets for convenient gear storage, a waterproof pouch to protect your tablet in case of rain, a mesh can holder for your favorite drink and a 360-degree enabled, 12″ steel gooseneck equipped with a 7″-10″ tablet holder, clamped to the right armrest.

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Apr 142014

Chivote 2Face Double Faced Leather BackPacks
Made by Chivote, an European start-up built around manufacturing high quality leather gear, the 2Face Backpack sports an innovative double-sided design.

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Remember those cool jackets you simply turn inside-out and you get a totally different style to wear? Pretty much the same idea here – simply turn the backpack around and you get a different style gear carrier. The 2Face Backpack is available in three leather tones (Black, Nubuck and Redrum), sports a laptop dedicated compartment, a tablet internal pocket, three external pockets for smaller gear such as smartphone, wallets, keys and one main compartment for other stuff you might need to carry around. The back straps are side-attached in the lower part of the backpack and, on the upper part, a metallic hook allows easy switching between wearing sides. Perfect for daily commute.

The Chivote 2Face Backpack is available at Kickstarter. You can encourage the project and secure a one at an early bird price of $259 (will retail at around $310).

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Apr 132014

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Apr 122014

Heinz Beanzawave - The Worlds Smallest USB Powered Microwave Oven
The Heinz Beanzawave is believed to be the world’s smallest portable USB microwaves ever built!
Ok … don’t run to your wallet to grab you credit card yet! The story behind the Heinz Beanzawave is that the iconic food company wanted to make a micro heater for their Heinz Snap Pot portions and, before releasing it to the masses, they decided to first wait for the public’s impressions …

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Well, the project was initially presented back in 2009, so I guess people did not appreciate the idea as much as Heinz expected as I don’t see the Beanzawave at the electronics shop around the corner! But there’s still hope … regardless it’s already 5 years old, the project is still cool and I really hope they release it to the market one day!

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Apr 112014

Helios - The Smart Bike Handlebars!
Helios is an impressive new bicycle accessory that aims to turn your bike into a connected “smart” bike.
The handlebar comes in two versions: The Bullhorn and the Drop Bar and sports a great kit of features designed to improve your biking experience: a 500 lumen LED light built-in the bar will help you light your way in the night, proximity sensor which will turn ON and OFF your bike lights based on your presence near the the bicycle, two back lights (positioned in the back-facing side of the handlebar) can be used for turn signals, visual speedometer (the light changes color based on your actual speed) and ambient lightning. As this was not enough, a low-power GPS unit in the handlebar will help you track your whereabouts, get turn-by-turn navigation instruction (the back-facing handlebar lights will let you know where to turn left or right) and track your bike in case it’s stolen (simply slide a SIM card into the handle and, by simply sending and SMS the bike will reply sending you a Google maps link with your bicycle’s location). How cool is that?

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