Jan 092014

Hobbit Furry Plush Slippers
In love with J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit? Now it’s the right time you start building your Hobbit outfit, gather the dwarfs and hit the road to the Lonely Mountain (read kitchen) to reclaim it (read grab a coffee) from Smaug (read coffee machine).

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The Furry Adventure Slippers are made of warm, comfortable plush and, to make you look like a real Hobbit, feature an ultra-hairy upper side, you know … like a real Hobbit!

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Jan 082014

Holdfast Gear Multi-Camera Harness Or Howe To Keep Two Cameras Handy For The Perfect Shot
The Holdfast MoneyMaker Multi-Camera Harness is the perfect camera strap for the professional on the road. The harness features an “X” pattern crossing straps on it’s back for increased wear comfort and allows you to easily carry two cameras and have them ready to take a picture any moment.

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Made of high-grade leather, the Holdfast harness is equipped with a Speed Clutch mechanism which allows you to quickly slide the camera from the hip level to the eye level for a shot, 1/4-20″ tripod socket plugs to secure your cameras and an additional number of four D-Rings for attaching additional gear or cameras.

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Jan 082014

How Basic Science Helps You Heat A Room With As Low As 15 Cents A Day
Here’s a cool way to heat a room with only $0.15 per day! Yes … you got it right … that’s 15 cents per day)!

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Youtuber Dylan Winter describes this cool DIY in about 2.5 minutes in this vid. You only need about $10-$15 worth of materials available at any department store (tealight candles, a metal bread pan, two terracotta pots, one smaller than the other, a lighter or matches to light the candles) for the initial setup, then you’re ready to go enjoy this cheap heating source.



Jan 082014

Harman Kardon Esquire Or How To Have Good Quality Music While On The Go - Top View, Control buttons
The Harman Kardon Esquire Bluetooth Stereo Speaker is a cool way to enjoy quality music and business conferences while on the go.

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The Esquire features a dual-microphone system with integrated noise canceling capabilities designed to capt every word in the room, a stereo Hi-Fi speaker with built-in bass, Bluetooth wireless transmission to smartphones, tablets and laptops and a rechargeable battery which provides up to 8 hours of music streaming or call conference. The cool part about the Harman Kardon Esquire is that it doubles as a charging power station – simply hook up a USB cable into the charging port and start charging your smartphone.

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Jan 082014

Amphibious Camping Trailer Boat by Sealander
Designed and built by German designer Daniel Straub, the Sealander is a cool two-in-one vehicle able to act as a regular RV while on the shore and as a small size boat while on the water. Here are some cool features of the Sealander:

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  • Made of fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • Double bottom to prevent sinking in case of leakage accidents
  • 5-hp electric engine
  • Removable roof
  • Modular design – the seats can be converted to a sleeping deck and the sink and cooking area can be transformed in heater and refrigerator; cooking-washing module, a cooler, heater, table and a Porta Potty-style toilet (available optional)
  • Designed and build for inland, shallow waters.
  • Sizes: weight – 838 lbs. (380 kg.); inside area – 5.1 ft. by 6.56 ft. (1.56 x 2 m.); length – 12.8 ft. (3.89 m.); width – 5.25 ft. (1.60 m.); height – 6 ft. (1.85 m)

What’s your take on the Sealander? How does the weekend camper in you find the RV – Lightweight boat combination?

$20,500 | BUY NOW
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Jan 082014

Bat Coffee Mug By Thumbs Up!

Enjoy your morning coffee in Dark Knight style!
The Bat Coffee Mug is designed to protect your coffee and not only (!!!), it’s made of microwave safe quality ceramic and features two bat wings as handles – also check the Ghostbusters Coffee Mug and the Stormtrooper Mug.

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Jan 072014

Sweet Parking Revenge - Check What Happened To This Guy When He Stole The Parking Spot
Parking revenge at it’s best!
While some comments suggest a staged video, let me tell you something … staged or not it’s still hilarious!!!

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