Dec 042013

How to Swear Around the World By Jay Sacher - Paperback, Kindle
How to Swear Around the World by Jay Sacher quick funny guide to swearing, a nice gift for the traveler in your family, at work or withing your friends!

Also check The Man’s Book: The Essential Guide for the Modern Man by Thomas Fink, The Complete Beer Course Hardcover By Joshua M. Bernstein and the Bike Owner’s Handbook And Repairs Guide for some other books we featured earlier

The guide promises to make you a swearing champ in dozens of languages no time. The book comes in Kindle and paperback formats and features cool and funny illustrations as well as visual guides and phonetic pronunciations which will make the reader a respected “swearer and curser” in many languages!

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Dec 032013

Carry Your iPad In Style With The Makr iPad Leather Attache
Just as the Makr iPhone 5 Leather Sleeves we featured earlier the iPad Leather Sleeves from Makr are premium iPad accessories designed to impress and hand sewn in US of the finest Chromexcel Horween Leather and Cordovan closures. The Makr sleeves are available in three tones Bark, Black, Ox Blood Chromexcel.

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Dec 032013

GalaRing G1 BFC Smart Ring For Smartphones

Wearable computing surely has a great future. After smartwatches, all kinds of other wearable accessories surface all round.

The GalaRing G1 NFC Smart Ring is one of these new wearable gadgets designed to improve the way you interact with your smartphone. The Smart Ring allows users to store personal information (name, phone number, email), share it as a name card with other devices, share Wi-Fi information, website links, social media information, pictures and even unlock your smartphone by the simply touching the ring to a smartphone.

Cool! Isn’t it? What’s your take on the smart ring? Let’s hear you int he comments below …

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Dec 022013

Recon Snow2 - The Google Glass Alternative Snow Goggles
Recon Instruments, the company before the Recon Jet Google Glass Alternative just brought another cool product to the market – the Recon Snow2 Snowboard and Ski Goggles – Also check the Oakley Airwave GPS Goggles, the Bluetooth Ski Goggles and the Zeal HD Camera Ski Goggles we featured earlier.

The Snow2 goggles are designed with user experience in mind. The goggles feature an array of sensors that calculate various parameters like speed, distance, vertical drops, airtime, jump analytics, acts as GPS navigator and displays the information on the incorporated HUD (Head Up Display) which projects a 14″ image at 5ft away. Other than that, the Snow2 is able to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, display text messages, calls and notifications and control the music player.

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Dec 022013

Bloody Bathroom Floor Mat - Getting Out Of Shower
Horrific, Hitchcock-inspired Bath Mat! Also check the Tablet Waterproof Case With Suction Cup For Bathroom and the Grinder Soap Bar Dispenser we featured earlier.
The bath math is made of soft, fluffy white material and features blood-smeared footprints and drops simulating a bathroom bloody attack! Perfect for all slasher horror fans!

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Dec 022013

Jeep Wrangler ZS1 Limited Edition - The Zombie Slayer That Will Save Your Life When The Inevitable Happens!
The Jeep ZS1 Wrangler by Zombie Slayer was designed to give you a hand when the Zombie Apocalypse happens – also check the Hyundai Walking Dead Veloster Zombie Survival Mean Machine and the Zombie Survival Crate we featured earlier.

The SUV is built based on a 2012 Jeep Wrangler (the regular and Unlimited versions are available) with Jeep certified aftermarket parts. Here are some of the Wrangler ZS1 specs (ZS stands for Zombie Slayer):

  • 3.6L Pentastar V6 Engine which outputs 285 horsepower, 2160 torque
  • Automatic transmission (optional manual transmission)
  • Various performance mods: upgraded intake, Gibson performance exhaust, new speedometer gear
  • Extreme brightness lights, Oracle L.E.D. halos and Mopar light guards
  • Rear tow hooks and Warn XD 9000i winch to help you conquer all forms of terrain
  • Body armor doors, front & rear heavy duty bumpers
  • 3″ Suspension lift kit and Mickey Thompson MTX 35″ Tires
  • Front mesh grill and Safari heavy duty netting
  • The stock side doors and the vinyl top are included
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Dec 022013

The Chart of Hand Tools Wall Decoration Poster
The Chart of Hand Tools is a cool wall poster designed to celebrate the tinkerers and the doers: those who build, repair, and create – also check the cool A Gentleman’s Visual Guide Of Moustaches and the Acme Corporation Complete Inventory Poster we featured earlier.
The poster is printed on 24″ x 36″ 100 lb recycled stock using brass and aluminum metallic inks. The poster features 300 hand tools drawn in five categories: tools that measure, stabilize, mark, divide and manipulate and represents a nice gift for anyone working or in love with hand tools.

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