Dec 172013

Signature Lace Up Boot by Saint Laurent - Front View
Spice up your winter style with the Signature Lace Up Boot by Saint Laurent – also check the Chelsea Boots by Nicholas Kirkwood, the Alexander McQueen Joust Pony Sneaker by Puma and the Christian Louboutin’s Jesse Boot we featured earlier.
The classic army boot model made of Spazzalato leather features an 1-in high heel, plain toe and tonal double stitching detail. The boot’s sole is made of thick leather with 5 gold studs and comes in Nero Black. Manufactured in Italy by Saint Laurent.

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Dec 172013

Bombproof Laptop Bags By Goruck - 15L and 20L Shoulder Bags For 15in and 17in Laptops
Here they are! The Bombproof laptop bags from Goruck! – also check the Welded Waterproof Laptop Postbag, the Authentic II Skatepack By Vans and the Booq Cobra Business Backpack.

Keep you gear and your laptop safe in case of a bomb explosion! The laptop bags are built in USA, are made of durable Cordura and water-resistant material to fit laptops sized up to 17-in and and come in two versions: 15 liters and 20 liters. Both models feature a main laptop bombproof compartment and two open pockets for gear, magazines and newspapers (the 15 liters model) or a second zippered pocket to carry your valuables in safety (the 20 liters version).

While Goruck rates these laptop bags as “Bombproof” we really wish you never have to test them in real life conditions.

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Dec 172013 - This Holyday Season Make The Gift of Unique Experiences
There are many cool gifts out-there one can give to his beloved family, friends or co-workers!
Sometimes we give flowers, sometimes gadgets, sometimes we give toys, sometimes clothes, love or even expensive cars (can I be the one getting the cool G-Class please?), jewelry and who knows what else …

Here’s a cool new option for this season – why not offer an extraordinary, unforgettable experience? Why not a night out with one’s favorite movie superstar? Or a tennis lesson with Andre Agassi? Of a hot dish of food cocked by a famous chef? Or a hand signed guitar pick from a legendary rockstar? Or a golf getaway? You name it …
Even though this seems impossible to achieve, has your back covered. is a “marketplace for extraordinary experiences with the world’s top talents” which allows you to pay for unforgettable experiences with your preferred stars. Here’s how it works – you sign up with them, you choose your experience, you pay the asked price and your ready to go (read – ready to meet). A part of the paid amount is redirected by IfOnly to a charity chosen by the star accompanying you in your experience.

Let’s hear you in the comments – Now that the impossible became possible – what gift would you choose?

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Dec 172013

Star Trek Command Cycle Jersey
The Star Trek Command Cycle Jersey is a cool way to show what’s your favorite series – also check the Superhero Muscle T-Shirts by Under Armour and the Iron Man Cycling Costume we featured earlier.
The bicycling t-shirt is officially-licensed Star Trek merchandise and features command gold patter on the sleeves – so people around know who’s the Boss!!! Made of 100% polyester the Cycle Jersey incorporates Air-pass pro moisture wicking technology, UV protection, a hidden full-length YKK zipper and 3 reinforced pockets to carry your gear while riding around the city!

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Dec 162013

Carl Zeiss Optical 20x60mm Image Stabilized Binoculars
The Carl Zeiss Optical 20x60mm IS Binoculars are designed for serious naturalists! Their impressive power, precision and one-button-push image stabilization offers unmatched optical experience – also check these cool 18x50mm Canon IS Binoculars we featured earlier.

The German built 20x60mm binoculars feature Zeiss exclusive image stabilization technology based on gimbals mounted eracting systems which is not dependent by batteries and doesn’t make any noises. The unit sports eyepieces with rubber eye-cups which allow a full field of view (with or without glasses) and it’s casing is made of rubber coated metal which also confers the binoculars water resistance and allows you to safely take these binoculars with you wherever you go! On the optical side we find premium coated lens and high performance optical glass which makes the Zeiss 20x60mm to be recognized by most users as one of the best binoculars of it’s class.

$6,599 | BUY NOW


Dec 162013

iPhone 5-5s Geometric Metal Silver Case

Stand apart of the pack with this cool minimalistic brushed metal iPhone 5 and iPhone 5 S case – also check these cool iPhone cases we featured earlier: the Logitech Mesh TidyTilt Smart Cover, the Tough Armour iPhone Air Cushioned Protective Case and the Case-Mate Minimalist Woodgrain Camouflage Case.

The snap-on case features a dual metal layer back designed to protect your iPhone from scratches and accidental drops and a plastic side protection with easy access to all native iPhone ports and buttons.

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Dec 162013

Executive Marshmallow Blaster

Fight your war in style with the Executive Marshmallow Blaster – also check the Bug-A-Salt Shotgun and the 50ft Snowball Launcher cool toys we featured earlier.

Designed to deliver tons of fun, the marshmallow blaster shoots large sized marshmallows up to a range of 30 ft (that’s about 10 meters). The gun is single-action, lock-and-load, fires one marshmallow at a time (ammo available at any grocery store near you!!!) and it’s packaged for retail or as gift. Get yours, load it up and get ready for the marshpocalypse!!!

$34.99 | BUY NOW


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