Feb 052014

Can't Stop Drinking About You Funny T-Shirt
Nothing more to say about it!
Most people can find at least one moment in their lives to relate to this message!

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The “Can’t Stop Drinking About You T-shirt” is made of durable preshrunk 100% cotton, sports a tailored fit with seamless rib collar and double-needle cover-stitching, sleeve and bottom hem. Available in a range of vibrant colors.

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Feb 042014

Poc Sports Skull Orbic Comp Winter Helmet
Brought to us by Poc Sports, the creators of the Receptor Bug Helmet and the Ergo Spine Bug Back Protector, the Skull Orbic Comp is a masterpiece of winter sports helmets! Here are some of it’s technical specs:

  • Approved by the latest FIS RH2013 rules
  • Deflector panel with multi-impact EPP and POC’s VPD 2.0 compound in the front – this allows gate deflection with reduced energy transmission to the head (up to 50% reduced energy)
  • PC/ABS outer shell
    Detachable multi-impact EPP liner with comfortable LD foam lining with easy cleaning possibility
  • Size adjustment by interchangeable interior lining
  • Ear chambers for improved hearing while wearing the helmet
  • Fixed goggle clip

The Poc Skull Orbic Comp is perfect for winter sport including ski and snowboarding, is available in 3 sizes (XS-S, M-L, XL-XXL) and six vibrant colors combinations including orange, red, blue, black, cyan and pink themes and you can get one for $538 on the Poc website or $349 on Amazon (only black and blue versions available).

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Feb 042014

LighterBro - Supercharge Your Bic Lighter With Multi-Tool Powers!
Having a multi-tool on you is cool and can come in handy in many situations. But, even cooler than having a multi-tool in your pockets, is supercharging a gadget you already have to carry with you every day and give it multipurpose tool powers! A while a go we featured the TaskOne iPhone case designed to add 22 handy multi-tools to your smarphone4’s case. Today we’ll take a look at the LighterBro – an innovative Bic lighter case designed to ad 4 common tools to your truster fire starter!

The LighterBro is made of mirror finished 100% imported Japanese 420 Stainless Steel and sports three spring loaded tools: a knife, a screwdriver and a pair of scissors and a bottle opener integrated in the case’s bottom.

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Feb 032014

6 in 1 Desk Organizer with Bluetooth Keyboard And Tablet Stand
Working on an iPad or Android tablet was never comfortable! And, while both systems offer plenty of features and apps dedicated to increase productivity, their main disadvantage is the virtual keyboard and the typing process! The virtual keyboard works great when doing basic stuff, but imagine yourself writing a 800-1000 words email defining your strategy and recommending your suggestions on improving a certain business process! Or compiling a sales report, or, even worse, multitasking between an email message, IM with your team colleagues and Skyping instructions to an employee! And all this using your tablet’s virtual keyboard.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say it’s impossible! I am just saying that there are easier ways to use a tablet to accomplish all these!

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The myKeyO 6-in-1 Bluetooth keyboard is designed to help you improve your productivity on a tablet.
What sets the myKeyO keyboard stand apart from the competition (including the two models above), apart the low price point, is the fact that it also includes a desk organizer designed to un-clutter your desk, business cards and pen holders as well as a tablet stand (can accommodate your tablet in landscape position or a tablet and a smartphone, both in portrait position) and a wrist rest to set you up in a comfortable typing position.

Get one, set it up for your tablet, hook up a Bluetooth mouse and you’re ready to use your tablet for getting things done Like A Boss!

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Feb 032014

AeroSkull HD iPhone Bluetooth Speaker
Designed by Jarre Technologies (founded by the musical legend, Jean Michel Jarre) to work with iPhone, iPad and any other music players (via line-in or Bluetooth), the AeroSkull HD is a real style statement piece of gadgetry – also check Philips StarMaker Bluetooth Speaker & Karaoke System the The Bass Egg Turns Any Surface Into A Dedicated Speaker.

The speaker outputs 80W of power (two mid-range 20W speakers hidden behind the sunglasses; one sub-woofer of 40W covering the back of the skull), is made of chrome plated ABS, comes with a bone-design remote controller with backlight buttons and is available in a range of vibrant colors. On the technical side the speaker supports MP3, AAC, WMA, protected AAC and WAV files and sports Bluetooth, NFC, APTX and A2DP codecs.

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Feb 032014

Star Wars C-3PO Jumpsuit
While you can’t simply walk the street dressed up as your favorite Star Wars character (well … you can but, other than Halloween, it’ll look really strange … “R2 says the chances of survival are 725 to 1” if you do so!!!) nothing should hold you back to proudly wear the C-3PO onesie at home – also check the R2-D2 Zip Hoodie – For The Star Wars Fan In You, the Star Wars Darth Vader Flare Dress and the Skin Tight Spandex Bodysuits For Star Wars Fans.

The C-3PO jumpsuit is Star Wars officially licensed, is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester double sided print material and features a front zipper closure from wait to neck! What are you waiting for? Get yours and let’s turn the odds in our favor …

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Feb 022014

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