Jan 042014

PowerPak Ultra - The 14,000mAh Portable Dual USB External Battery For Smartphones And Tablets By New Trent
The New Trent PowerPak Ultra is the ultimate power station to bring with you in your outdoors trips!
While there are many other power stations available on the market (check the 13,000mAh PowerFGlask, the New Trent PowerPak+ With 13,500mAh and the 5,200mAh AviiQ Portable Charging Station we featured earlier) the New Trent PowerPak Ultra stands apart from the competition by the quality build and the weather proof capabilities. Once the plugs are covered with their corresponding caps, the unit becomes as waterproof and dust proof as it can get!

The power station features a 14,000mAh internal rechargeable battery and 2x5V plugs, one plug for tablets (powered with 2A) and one for smartphones (1A power). If you’re not sure what 14,000mAh means and how much power you get from it – just know that the iPhone 5 battery has a capacity of 1,440mAh, so the New Trent PowerPak Ultra will be able to charge it for around 10 times on one full charge!

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Jan 032014

Full Grain Leather iPhone Pouch By InCase - Brown And Tan Hand Crafted Sleeve Design
Hand crafted of full grain brown or black leather the Incase iPhone 5 Pouch is designed to protect your bellowed iPhone from bumps, drops and pocket scratches in a stylish way – also check the The iPhone 5 Sport Leather Case by Hard Graft, the Pack & Smooch iPhone Leather Wallet Case and the iPhone Leather Mod Cases by Incase we featured earlier.

The InCase iPhone sleeve features a low profile design so it doesn’t add much bulk to your pockets, genuine suede interior lining to keep your smartphone as scratch free, a front pocket to keep handy a couple of credit cards or a few bills and universally fit for iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 5C.

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Jan 032014

Star Wars Darth Maul Themed Leather Motorcycle Jacket BY UD Replicas
UD Replicas, the creators of the cool Batman Begins Leather Street Jacket and the Star Wars Stormtrooper and Shadowtrooper Motorcycle Suits we featured earlier, are releasing another cool movie inspired leather motorcycle jacket – this time it’s Star Wars time and the chosen character is Darth Maul!

ALSO CHECK the Spiderman Motorcycle Helmet, the Predator Helmet and the Batman Motorcycle Helmet for other cool movie themed motorcycle gear.

The Darth Maul Racing Jacket is made of grade-a cowhide, is officially licensed and features the two-tone red and black pattern of the Sith warrior. The costume is not only a cool movie themed replica, but also a fully functional motorcycle jacket which sports a CE-approved body armor designed to help you in case of accident. The body armor includes shoulders, forearms/elbow and back spine protector that can be easily removed for day-to-day wear.

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Jan 032014

Michelangelo’s Handwritten Grocery List  Or How Do You Delegate Grocery Shopping To Your Illiterate Assistant
Making a to-do list or a grocery shopping list is pretty easy nowadays! You only have the choose the most convenient medium to use, make the list and start getting things done!

SEE ALSO – 3D Illusion Art Body Paintings by Hikaru Cho and How To Paint A Japanese Dragon In 8 Minutes! Amazing Art!

But how about delegating grocery shopping to your illiterate assistant? Let’s see you now! Good luck using Evernote, Dropbox or even the good ol’ pen and paper! Here’s how Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, commonly known as Michelangelo managed to do it back in the 16th Century! Pretty amazing, isn’t it?



Jan 022014

Garmin Tactical GPS Navigation Watch
Designed to be a trusted assistant in the wilderness, the Garmin Tactix offers a wide range of functions packed in small, wristwatch shaped, package.

ALSO CHECK – the Suunto Ambit and the Suunto Core.

The Tactix features high sensitivity GPS, altimeter, barometer, and compass, allows route creation and live recording with up to 1,000 way points, is equipped with ANT+TM capabilities and Bluetooth which allows sharing of way points and routes with other smartphones and Garmin devices. Other than these, the Garmin watch sports regular watch functions such as time, date, alarm, timer, chronograph, chimes and vibration as well as fitness functions (running and cycling profiles, laps, alerts, distance, pace, etc …) and skydiving options (high altitude release point, jump auto-detect and navigation to the desired impact point).

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Jan 022014

Best Of CoolPile.com - 2013 Edition!

2013 was a great year for CoolPile.com. We grew, we learned a lot of new things, we got wiser and, at last but not the least, we had tons of fun finding, featuring and telling you about the coolest gadgets, gear and rides on the market!

Hit the break to check some of the coolest posts we wrote on CoolPile.com in 2013. [... Read more]

Jan 012014

Neila Rey Jedi WorkoutSquats, Jumps, Push-UpsLunges, Woodchoppers, Jackknives and Sit-Ups
Now that the Holidays are gone, it’s time we get back in shape again!
So go get your fitness pants and t-shirt, get you best pair of sneakers and start training the Jedi way!

The Neila Rey‘s Jedi Workout is designed to get you back in shape, helps you work your calves, chest, forearms, triceps, biceps, deltoids, glutes, lateral abs, adductors and your abs and makes you strong to proudly carry that Light Sabre!

May The Force Be With You!!!


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