May 012014

Finsix Dart - The World's Smallest Laptop Adapter
Did you ever ask yourself why power adapter are so big and bulky? In a world where mobility and adaptability are the main keywords in the business world, laptop chargers are as bulky as they used to be 10 years ago! I always get frustrated about this when I pack my laptop and get it ready for a trip or for commute. I even considered the charger size as decision factor for the purchase of my actual laptop – you can read about how I chose my laptop here.

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Now, after this little bitching session, let me show you a cool gadget – as ugly, bulky, heavy and big your laptop adapter is, you don’t have to worry about it! The Finsix Dart charger is here to save you from the hassle of carrying a bring in your bag. The Dart laptop adapter is similar in shape with an iPhone charger but twice as long and it also includes an USB plug for charging smartphones and tablets. The Dart packs 65W of power and it’s compatible with most laptops out there (validate your particular model’s compatibility on the product page).

Finsix Dart is is project mode over at Kickstarter and you can secure one for an early bird price of $89. Delivery scheduled as of November 2014.

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Apr 302014

Cota Or How To Wirelessly Charge Your Smartphone Up To 40 Foot (12 Meters)
Cota is a new technology that challenges everything you know about wireless power. Think of all the devices you rely on every day: smartphone, remote control, smoke alarm, electric toothbrush.” – This is how Ossia Inc presents their long range wireless charger – Cota.

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The Cota works the same way your WiFi network works – it sends out power waves which are received by your iPhone, tablet or any other gadget allowing it to charge while in the charger’s range. The device sends out 1W of power (around 1/5 of a regular USB power), it’s supposed to be human-safe and it will be widely deployed sometime in 2015.

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Apr 292014

24-Karat Solid Gold iPhone 5S by Goldgenie

Now that almost everybody around has an iPhone (less the Android fans, of course), your bellowed Apple gadget is no longer a head turner as it used to be a few years ago! But, if you’re still in love with your iPhone and you would not give up iOs for anything in the world, now you can still stand apart from the pack with the Goldgenie Gold iPhone 5S Edition.

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Goldegenie’s iPhone is a luxury piece of work. Basically, what we have here is a regular iPhone 5S with solid 24-karat gold custom edges, top, bottom, and back. The luxury iPhone comes with an Cherry Oak Finished Gift Box and an authenticity certificate. Also available in Platinum and Rose Gold.

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Apr 292014

Wellcore Blue Light LED Bulb USB Flash Drive
USB flash drives are the most common portable storage units around. Most of us have at least a couple of them around …
So what makes a cool (and good) USB key? First you want to buy a quality drive to make sure your data is safe (read … go for brand names); second you need to decide if you want hardware encryption, software encryption or no encryption at all (each one comes with advantages and disadvantages), third you choose the capacity and speed you need (USB 2.0 is slower but cheaper; USB 3.0 is quicker but more expensive) and at last, but not the least how cool your USB drive gadgets!

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The Blue Light LED Bulb USB Flash Drive excels in the last category! It might not be a brand USB, it’s only USB 2.0, no encryption and relatively small storage capacity … but it’s one of the coolest USB drives I’ve seen around! The bulb USB drive is compact and anti-shock, comes with a little ring so you can easily attach it to your keychain and, the coolest part, it lights up when it’s plugged in!

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Apr 282014

CalypsoKey Or How To Give Your iPhone NFC Door Unlocking Powers
Apple’s iPhone is a very cool smartphone, but there’s one thing that it can’t do … and NO, that’s not the Flash playing capability I am thinking about!
It’s NFC (Fear Field Communication) I am taking about! You can fix this by grabbing an NFC ready iPhone case from Calypso Crystal.

Calypso Crystal offers two handmade stylish iPhone case models – the CalypsoCase Loop and the CalypsoCase Ring – which both offer built-in dual-band RFID antennas to allow your bellowed iPhone serve as virtual wallet to store your credit cards info and let you pay wirelessly, open home doors, lock cabinets, open your garage or even share contact information with a simple tap of your smartphone. Simply tap the back of your iPhone to any NFC compatible gadget and you’ll be able to interact in predefined ways with that phone, just like with most decent Android smartphones on the market.

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Apr 282014

Military Leather Duffle Bag By Whipping PostThe Military Duffel Bag is a cool travel companion and gear carrier. Designed for short travels (think about it as a weekender type of bag), the Whipping Post duffel bag his made of high quality vegetable tanned leather, sports top-loading (are you surprised? It’s a duffel bag, isn’t it !?!) just like any regular military bag and a top handle for easy carrying when not on your shoulder.

Not more to say about it – it’s cool, well made and … I want one!

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