Jul 232014

The Coolest Cooler Around - by Ryan Grepper At coolestkickstarter.com
Coolers (are) were one of those rare items that did not change much over the past 30 years of technological advancements!
But that’s over! Ryan Grepper’s Coolest Cooler is set to bring the classic outdoors chillers to the 21st century! After an earlier unsuccessful crowdfunding try back in December 2013, Grepper improved the Coolest Cooler, added new features, redraw it’s outer design and brought it back to Kickstarter!

As of today (that’s 37 days before the project’s end), the Coolest Cooler pledged $6.9 million US (about 140 times more than what Grepper was looking for)!!! That’s the third most funded project ever (after the Pebble with 10.2 million and the Ouya Video Game Console with 8.6 million) and still has 37 days to go!!! Amazing, isn’t it?

Let’s see what makes The Coolest so cool that everyone wants to have one! Here’s a bullet-list of features:

  • 2 x 5V USB chargers (1A and 2.1A charging power), perfect for charging tablets, smartphones and other USB powered gadgets
  • Removable waterproof Bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy your favorite music with your friends
  • Enjoy cool drinks with the built in ice crushing blender
  • Internal LED light to help you spot your drinks during night parties
  • Easy transportation system with gear tie-down and extra wide wheels for easy moving in sand and difficult terrains
  • Bottle opener
  • Incorporated essentials (reusable plates, a ceramic knive) and a cooler split lid to divide drinks and easily store eyes.
  • At last, but not the least … IT”S COOL!!!

The Coolest Cooler is in project mode at Kickstarter and you can get one for $185 (that’s $115 savings over the future regular retail price). Estimated delivery for February 2015.

Let’s hear you in the comments. What’s your take on the Coolest Cooler? Will you get one?

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Jul 222014

Marc Kreger The Tetris T-Shirt (You Can Actually Enjoy A Quick Game On This One)!
Remember Tetris?
The coolest game around 30 years ago?

Game enthusiast Marc Kerger surely remembers it! For the game’s 30st anniversary (back on June 6th) Marc took a regular t-shirt, decorated it with some Tetris game design elements (to make it look cooler), 3D printed the main game’s compartment, inserted two Adafruit controllers, 128 LED’s and 4 AA batteries and made the first ever playable Tetris T-Shirt.
Watch him play a quick game in the attached video!

ALSO CHECK the Big Hand Printed T-shirt and the Official Marvel Iron Man 3 LED Light-Up T-Shirt we featured earleir.

This cool t-shirt is not available for sale and Kerger does not provide any instructions on how to make your own! But, if you want to give it a try and mingle with the components hoping to replicate his success, start by checking out this Instructables project which served his a start base for the project.

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Jul 212014

Anova Sous Vide Immersion Circulator - Cooking 2.0
We all heard about Web 2.0, Social Media 2.0, Fitness 2.0 and so on…! Just about anything that gets the cool touch of technology can be deemed 2.0!
But Cooking 2.0? Yeap, why not?

The Anova Sous Vide Immersion Circulator is the technology boost that will bring your old cooking pot into the modern world! Here’s how it works (note how simple it is!!!): 1) Attach the Immersion Circulator to your cooking pot and set the cooking time and temperature; 2) Put the food (meat, vegetables, even fruits) in a ziplock bag and immerse it in the cooking pot filled with water.

That’s it! It’s as simple as it can get. Of course, once your food is cooked, you can sear it, grill it or broil it for a few minutes if you want to give it a personal touch. You can, but you don’t have to!

Check the video for a full walk-through of the process and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Jul 202014

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    Jul 192014

    PatchNRide - Fix Bike Flat Tires In Seconds (Literally)
    One of the worst things that could happen while riding your bike is a flat tire! And this usually happens just when you need them the least!
    PatchNRide is a nifty little tool designed to help you repair a bike flat in just seconds. Simply locate the issue (they include a locator patch to help you), pinch your tire and insert the tool, slide the lever back and forth and you’re ready to roll! Inflate your tire and hit the road, Jack! Check the video to see how magic works!

    The PatchNRide is available for pre-order for $30 US with delivery in the fall of 2014.

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    Jul 182014

    Bufalino - The Vespa Based Camper For Lone Travelers
    Built by the German industrial designer Cornelius Comanns, the Bufalino is designed to be a complete mini-camper that features all the services needed on the go!

    The Bufalino camper concept is based around a Piaggio APE 50 tricycle (that’s the three wheeled commercial version of the world-famous Vespa scooter) and sports, among others, a bed, two seating units, shower, personal storage spaces, equipped kitchen, a fridge, a water tank, a work desk and even a clothes drying space!

    ALSO CHECK the QTvan – Bicycle and Electric Scooter Camper Trailer and the Amphibious Camping Trailer Boat by Sealander.

    The Bufalino is a very cool one-person camper concept, and, unfortunately, there is no info available when or if it will ever hit the production line.

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    Jul 172014

    BBQ Picnic Table Hammock
    Here at CoolPile.com we are big fans of multifunctional stuff!
    Take for example the Bison Hammock Bag, the Fujitsu LifeBook 2013 or the Foldable Backpack Scooter they all combine multiple functionality to help users solve more needs than their individual counterparts.

    So, imagine our joy when we spotted the Picnic Table Hammock! Use it as a regular BBQ table, turn it upside down and you have fully functional hammock! Amazing, isn’t it? The Picnic Table Hammock is available for a whopping $15,000 US, a little bit more than I would be ready to shred to get one (about $14,700 more I think!!!). What’s your take on it? How much would your shred to get one of these babies?

    $15,000 | BUY NOW
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