Jan 162014

Devil Baby Prank Advertises Devil's Due A 20th Century Fox Low-Budget Production

Youtube becomes more and more the preferred social media network of advertisers looking to hit big audiences in short periods of time. A well done creative Youtube clip can can become viral and reach tens of millions of users in just a couple of days. And all this for … free! Imagine that!

ALSO CHECK these cool viral Youtube advertising campaigns: Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Volvo Epic Split – The Commercial That Makes Me Want A Volvo Truck! (over 67 millions Youtube views); Girls Don’t Poop – Cool Advertisement From Poo-Pourri, A Before-You-Go Toilet Deodorizer (over 22 million Youtube views); the Interactive Advertising – Is This Cool Or What … [NSFW] (over 21 millions views).

The last of these amazing Youtube guerrilla marketing campaigns is the “Devil Baby”, a prank advertising clip for the 20th Century Fox‘s low-budget horror movie Devil’s Due. The guys being this “prankvertising” campaign built a remote-controlled stroller and a horrifying demonic baby robot that all of a sudden sits up and scares people approaching him. Watch the vid and enjoy …



Written by Emil Ivan (2019 posts)

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