Apr 112014

Pepsi Max UK Unbelievable Bus Shelter Shocks London Commuters - LiveForNow
The Unbelievable Bus Shelter is cool Pepsi Max UK advertising campaign that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to impress the targeted users – just as the LG Meteor Prank Advert we featured in the past did.

A team of wise tech replaced a Central London bus station side panel with a HD screen, giving the illusion of a see-through display. So whatever happened in front of the bus station continued on the side screen … and the results were unbelievable. Check out people’s reactions … Amazing!


Apr 042014

Banned Gravity Opening Scene - The Whole Movie Would Have Been Totally Different!
Amazing! Gravity was already cool, but check the twist Youtube Krishna Shenoi gave the Oscar movie!
And, while the full clip is cool, the real twist comes at the end! Priceless! Check it out and let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Mar 312014

A Handful Of Cool Pranks To Help You Start Your Day On A Positive Note!
Grab a coffee, sit down, enjoy and remember things can always go worst!
BTW one of Murphy’s laws states: “If anything can go wrong, it will” and another one goes even deeper into the truth … “If anything just cannot go wrong, it will anyway” … so, take your time and get ready for that full agenda of your’s …


Mar 272014

NTT Docomo Touch Wood SH-08C - An Amazing Commercial That Can Not Pass Unseen
NTT DOCOMO is Japan’s largest mobile service provider, serving more than 60 million customers. The company operates a high-quality nationwide 3G network and an ultra-high-speed LTE network, one of the world’s first launched in 2010, which will be available to more than 98% of Japan’s population by FY2014.

The above is from the About Us page of the Japanese communication company NTT Docomo. Back in 2011, NTT Docomo partenered with Sharp şi Olympus and brought to the market a cool wooden back smartphone, the Touch Wood SH-08C. There were manufactured only 15,000 units and the model is sold-out! Given this phone is 3 years old, there’s not much worth mentioning about it. Maybe the pebble design and the wooden back cover, but you can easily get that with one of the wooden cases available on the market (check: World Map Laser Engraved Wooden iPhone 5 Case, Natural Wood iPhone Cases by SigniCase and Unique Wooden iPhone Puzzle Shaped Case For iPhone 4/4S and 5 for some cool wood smartphone back covers).

So why did I even bothered mentioning it? Because it had one of the coolest advertising campaigns ever. Hit the full screen button, put your best headphones on and relax to enjoy 3 minutes of amazing … smartphone advertising!


Mar 252014

What If Google Was A Guy - Check It Out ... Part 1 And 2
Here are two cool vids from College Humor portraying the hypothetical situation of Google being a guy!
The clips mock searchers, Google Doodles, Google Now, Google gadgets as The Glass and even Google’s search engine competitor Bing. Check them out … and think about them next time you’re googling something! Note, there is some adult language is used in the video clips.


Mar 212014

Superman FPV (First Person View) Recording With GoPro
Here’s a cool first person video recording of one day in Superman‘s life!!!
The video features Superman (starring Will Sterling) flying around, beating a couple of bad boys involved in illegal activities, saving a beautiful girl from a burning building (of course … there had to be a saved girl, if not it would have not been a real Superman clip) and was recorded with a GoPro action camera mounted on a DroneFly Phantom 2 quadcopter.




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