Jun 192013

Kevo Lock - The Time To Use Your iPhone As Door Key Has Arrived

Kevo Lock By KwikSet - Create Secure Key For Other People

The Kevo iPhone Operated Lock allows you to use your smartphone lock and unlock the door. Once the lock installed on your door, download the iPhone app, set up a key and you’re ready to roll. The app allows setting up multiple keys for multiple locks, allows “key sharing” to facilitate other people’s access to your home (think about a new girlfriend/boyfriend, the cleaning lady, your room mate, family, friends). Accesses can be granted and revoked via the app in seconds, so your only worry is to make sure your beloved life partner has an iPhone – and you’re all set up (just joking – the guys over at Kwikset have you covered even if you do not have an iPhone – they include in the package a Kevo Fob which allows the same touch to open and lock technology.

The Kevo Lock will launch this summer with a retail expected price around $250 US.

I like the idea and I can see a lot of possibilities opening around it. My only worry was the lock’s security, but the manufacturer seems to have it covered: “The Kevo lock does not only rely on the built-in encryption available in Bluetooth. Kevo also provides multiple levels of military grade PKI encryption.”

What’s you take on it? Would you change your classic locks for modern, digital door security?

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