Dec 082012

Basis Helps You Build Healthy Habits (from MyBasis) White

Basis Helps You Build Healthy Habits (from MyBasis) Overview

There are many fitness trackers out there. Most of them simply use their digital capabilities to help you track calories, exerciser or hear rates. The Basis system form MyBasis stands apart from the crowd by using it’s built in technology to give you long lasting healthy habits. And they do it in style!

The back of the watch has a set of embedded sensors which constantly monitors multiple parameters 24h/7. Some of these parameters are heart rate, body movement, perspiration, skin temperature, etc… and they are monitored during the wake time as well as during the sleep time. All this data is stored and transferred to the MyBasis digital dashboard for analysis. Here you can check trends, make and follow goals, and verify your progress straight from the screen of your PC.

Let us know in the comments if you use any kind of activity tracker. How does it help you achieve your health goals?

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