Apr 102014

PushXPro Or How To Get The Max Out Of That Push-Ups Session!
When you want to get back in shape, nothing beats exercising with your own weight. Yeap, that’s all about jogging in the park, pull-ups, jackknives, push-ups and so on … – check-out the Jedi Workout here for some ideas on how to improve your overall fitness and train without weights.

The PushXPro comes in your help and get even more out of your training with an innovative, minimalistic device designed to improve your push-ups and related workouts. The device reduces joint discomfort, minimizes wrist extension compared to regular pushups or other semi-rotative devices, increases the range of motion and allows rotation as well as it increases the complexity and difficulty of push-ups session. Here’s what Dan Delisle, the creator of PushXPro says about the device:

“The pushXpro™ design allows for the natural rotation of the user’s arms during the push-up, increases the range of motion, reduces the load and stress upon the wrists and forearms by providing an ergonomic grip, and provides additional versatility for your exercise routine”

Check it out, give it a try and come back to leave a comment after you try it!

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Apr 082014

Withings Pulse - The Most Complete Fitness Gadget Out There
The Withings Pulse is a good contender to be the most complete fitness tracker around!
Designed with minimalism and portability in mind the Withings Pulse easily slips in your pocket or clips to your belt or even T-Shirt and tracks a plethora of useful information about your fitness sessions. The information is automatically synced via Bluetooth to the free Withings Heath Mate app (available for Android and iOs) which allows easy stats analysis and graphic display of your data sets.

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The Withings fitness gadget tracks steps, calories, distance and speed, climbed elevation, allows exercising alerts setting, analyses your sleep cycle and allows heart rate monitoring to asses stress, workout intensity or the overall fitness level. The device is powered by an USB rechargeable battery (two weeks battery life on one charge), sports an OLED touchscreen for checking the data on the go and works with over 100 fitness partner apps so you can easily find the perfect setup for your exercising taste.

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Apr 052014

TomTom Runner Cardio Watch - Get Your Fitness Stats Without Chest Straps And Other External Accessories
If you’re tired of hooking up all kinds of accessories when you go out for a jog (yeap, I am looking at you chest strap and shoes tracking pod!) but you still want to get usefull details such us distance, speed, pace, cardio info and even virtual racing and PC stats computing we have your back covered!

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Well, better said TomTom has your back covered! Their newest sports watch, the TomTom Runner can do all of the above and many more without external accessories. The watch includes a built-in HRM (Hear Rate Monitor) so you can keep a close eye on your cardio parameters and train in your optimar heart rate zone, comes with pre-set soprts programs such as Speed, Endure or Fat Burn, features smart GPS tracking (hey, what were expecting … it’s made by TomTom!) with QuickGPSFix technology so you can start your run quicker, vibration alerts and syncs via Bluetooth and cable to a dedicated smartphone app or PC for improved stats analysis and performance sharing on social media.

The TomTom watch come sin two flavors: the Runner Cardio (the name says it all!) and the Multi-Sport Cardio which allows tracking and analysis of swimming and cycling sessions too.

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Feb 252014

PenAgain Or How To Write Without Getting Cramps
Writing for long periods of time might give you hand cramps. I am sure you know the feeling …
While you could train you hand to make it stronger and no longer feel those itchy cramps, why not turn to a new breed of pen, especially designed around allowing you to write extended periods of time without having to apply downward pressure, and, implicitly, avoiding hand cramps.

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The PenAgain is a perfect fit for both right hand and left hand writers, is activated by simply twisting it bottom end and works by using the hand weight to apply writing pressure instead of having to actively use your hand’s muscles to do so. The pen comes in a variety of vibrant colors to fit both grown-up as well as child styles.

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Feb 052014

Suunto Ambit2 R - The GPS Watch Designed For Runners - Black And White Versions
Suunto, the Finish based sports watches, dive computers and precision instruments makers, just announced their latest GSP watch model, the Suunto Ambit2 R.

While the bigger brother of the Amibt2 R, the Suunto Ambit and the Suunto Core series are targeted to heavy users and packed with a wide range of features such as navigation, barometer, thermometer, altimeter and so on, Suunto’s new released GPS watches series is designed for more common users and is optimized for running and sports activities. The Ambit2 R uses a unique combination of GPS and accelerometer called FusedSpeed to compute your jogging stats, allows downloading and installing training programs, full navigation with track and stats recording, virtual coach, ghost runner competition, intensity interval setup as well as complete integration with maps and apps from Suunto’s MovesCount.com. Available as of March 2014.

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Jan 272014

Han Solo In Carbonite Ice Cuybe Tray

Han Solo was frozen in carbonite, so why not put him to work and use him to … cool your drinks?

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The Han Solo Ice Cuybe Tray is officially-licensed Star Wars collectible and sports 7 cube spots: 6 cubes of 1.75″ (4.45 cm) and 1 bigger form of 3.5″ (that’s around 9 cm) designed to look like the Falcon’s owner when frozen in carbonite . The cube tray is made of resistant silicone, is freezer safe to -40F (that’s -40C) and, other than helping you to make cool ice cubes, can also be used to shape chocolate into the form of one of the most loved Star Wars characters!

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Jan 222014

CPR Can Save A Life ... Here's A Cool Way To Learn It Only 1 min 45 sec To Get Your Degree
After a cool Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation advertising campaign to raise awareness on the importance of CPR (watch the campaign video here: CPR Undeads the Dead), it’s British Heart Foundation‘s turn to bring our attention to benefits of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Watch Vinnie Jones teaching Hands-only CPR on the rhythm of Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees.


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