Jan 242013

US Military Waterproof Socks Will Keep You Warm Down to -30 Degrees Black Fleece-Lined

Hammacher Schlemmer has available for purchase a waterproof socks model as used by the US Military. The socks are fleece-lined, waterproof, will keep you warm down to -30F (that’s -34C) and are are made of 3 layers:

  • The exterior layer is made of nylon-lycra to ensure a higher durability as well as a good comfortable stretch of the socks around your feet
  • The middle layer is waterproofed – to make sure all the water stays away of your feet
  • The inner layer is made of double -velour Polartec fleece to ensure the heat stays in and the moisture stays out.

Manufactured in US, we see these waterproof socks a perfect fit for hunting and fishing trips, outside work or simply outdoor excursions during winter time.

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