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UnBRELLA - The Umbrella 2.0 Improved Rain Protection

UnBrella By Hiroshi Kajimoto H Concept - Opened - Top and Inside View

H COncept Hiroshi Kajimoto Unbrella Umbrella - Hot To Use It

Hiroshi Kajimoto’s new UnBrella design promises to improve your rain protection by … turning it upside down – Also check these cool umbrellas we featured earlier: the 8-in Pocket Umbrella, the 65 MPH (100kmh) Wind Resistant Senz Umbrella and the Hands-Free Umbrella.

Well, not really upside down, but close … The innovative design moves the umbrella’s structure from the inside of the canopy to the outside giving users some cool advantages: when folded closed, the umbrella’s wet side will be on it’s inside allowing user to manipulate it without getting wet; the UnBRELLA’s design allows it to stand-up by itself making storage and drying a child’s game; ease of opening when in small spaces (the canopy extends from top to bottom); improved resistance to wind.

The UnBrella will be available in February 2014. You can pre-order one via the Buy Now link below (some of the page’s text is in Japanese).

$95 | BUY NOW
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  1. Dear,

    I am doing own my business in Korea since 2006. For our business, we are trying to diversify like your new concept umbrella. So if you have no any partners in Korea, I am really want to be one of you with minimum orders for you.

    I am looking forward to hear your positive response.

    Regards, BJ

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