Dec 222014

Ulterior Motive Nylon Minimalist Wallets Product Review

Ulterior Motive Nylon Minimalist Wallets Product Review - Opened And Filled With gear Views

Minimalist wallets  become more and more popular every day! And this is no surprise – with so many iPhone and Android apps to scan and manage store incentive cards, business cards and bills as well as the raise of virtual wallets like Google Wallet and Apple Pay, there’s no need you still carry a bulky wallet every day! So, turning to a minimalist wallet type that only holds a couple of cards and some cash seems to be a reasonable move!

Today we’ll check two minimalist nylon wallets from the Swedish store Ulterior Motive – The Nylon Black and the Nylon Hexagon Black models.
Both models feature 2 card pockets on each side and a middle pocket designed for cash. The wallets are made of strong nylon material and feature vibrant colors interior lining (vibrant orange for the Nylon Black model and pink for the Hexagon Black one).

I used the wallets for a couple of days each and these two models, given their simple and minimalist build, are some of the slimmest wallets I tried yet. Although they were filled with 2-3 credit cards, a couple of bills and a SD card, they were barely visible when carried in jeans front or back pockets – check out the video and the review pics for more details …

The Nylon Black and the Nylon Hexagon Black minimalist wallets will set you back $25.73 and are also available in white and navy versions.

$25.73 | BUY NOW
Cheaper On Amazon?

$25.73 | BUY NOW
Cheaper On Amazon?

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