Jul 222013

The Atom - Bicycle Power Generator And USB Charger by Siva Cycle

Dynamo bicycle power generators are used to power bike lights since the dawns … of bicycling!
So, when I first saw the Atom from Silva Cycle I went … “Yeap … Great … Why didn’t anyone think about it before???

The Atom is a simple gadget that attaches to your bike’s back wheel and generates power. The power is stored in a 1,300 mAh extended battery which, via an USB connection, can be used to power your smartphone, GPS or any other gadget. The Atom is 100% USB compatible using 5V @ up to 500mA – this means your smartphone gets the same power as it was plugged into a PC USB.

The cool part about the Atom is that the extended battery is removable, so if you need to keep charging your precious iPhone even after your finished your bike ride, simply unplug the battery from the wheel charging device, take it with you and continue to power your smartphone.

On the technical side, the Atom has only 3 moving parts inside, it can power both a gadget and the extended battery at the same time and it is very easy to instal it on your bike – take off your quick release fastening nut, remove the wheel, attach the Atom onto the axle and re-attach the wheel to the bike by fastening the quick release nut. That’s it – you’re ready to roll and generate clean electrical power for your devices!

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Written by Emil Ivan (2019 posts)

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