Jan 052013

Stay Safe In Any Situation With The Airbag Motorcycle Jackets  Black

Stay Safe In Any Situation With The Airbag Motorcycle Jackets  White

If you like riding (bike, motorcycles, horses… etc) you should take in consideration (if you did not already do it) the unpleasant situation of falling off your ride. These situations can put your life in danger.

While a helmet will cover and protect your head, the rest of the your body is unprotected and can suffer major injuries. This is where the Airbag Jackets come into game. Basically, the jacket has strategically positioned air-driven protection systems that are triggered by a key mechanism attached to your bike.

The jackets use replaceable CO2 cartridges to inflate the security compartments. So, if you fall of your ride and the airbag system activates, you only need to replace the used cartridge with a new one and the jacket is ready to use again.
When it comes to your personal health and safety, don’t take our word for granted. Check the SaferMoto.com website for full details on how the Airbag Jackets work and how they can protect you in case of an accident.

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